What Would You Like To See Next in the DCEU?

I would absolutely love to see Zack Snyder and James Gunn come together to make a Justice League v The Suicide Squad film. I personally can see it happening down the road and would be all down for it.


The end of continuity.

A deathstroke film or series.


In general probably what we assume The Flash movie will do. A reboot/soft-reboot with a fresh new start. I’m good with DC’s current plans of DCEU Earth 1 movies, alternate Earth movies and HBO Max tie-ins.

On a specific note I’d like to see an Edgar Wright directed movie. A movie or series about The Question (could be on HBO Max). Ezra to run normally. A team movie with young heroes (HBO Max or in Theaters). More of The Suicide Squad (2021) characters in future stuff.

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Huh, that’s an interesting name for a movie :thinking:

justice league vs the suicide squad

I mean…




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Honestly something exploring DCEU’s batman’s past would be fun…yet possibly very heartbreaking.

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Before they move on with Snyderverse, I would like them flesh out more of the Joker because I didn’t like how he was portrayed in both suicide squad and justice league. He is more than a gangster fighting for turf and definitely can be more than just a retread of "The Dark Knight"s Joker.