What would you like to see if there is a new Batman Arkham game

The 5 new villains I would like to see would be:

  1. Clock King
  2. Ventriloquist
  3. Court Of Owls
  4. Killer Moth
  5. Rupert Thorne

returning villains

  1. Joker (if it’s a sequel to Arkham Origins)
  2. Penguin
  3. Riddler
  4. Harley Quinn
  5. Mr. Freeze
  6. Poison ivy

If it’s a sequel to Arkham Origins. It would be cool to see Dick Grayson as Robin and more Batgirl. I would also like to see Harvey Dent as an Allie before he became Two-Face. Cyrus Pinkney’s investigation left more exciting questions in Arkham Origins. It would love to see exactly what he did after he faked his death and got his revenge on Henry Cobblepot.

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Baby Doll
Swamp Thing

To name a few

If there was to be another Arkham game I think the Phantasm would be a great idea for a main villain!

Less emphasis on the Batmobile. Overuse of this gameplay mechanic hurt Arkham Knight.

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I definitely want a sequel to Origins. And I definitely DON’T want a sequel that picks up after Arkham Knight. I loved AK but don’t want the premise that would come with an AK sequel.

I would love to see an Arkham game but with Batman Beyond