What would you like to see collected?

Any old runs you’d like to see collected in trades? Personally I’d like to see Vertigo’s Shade the Changing Man collected to issue 50, that was the stronger ending imo. I’d also love to have Amethyst Princess of Gemworld in color.

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Those are some great choices! I would particularly love to see Amethyst collected in color as well.

My problem when I see questions like this is once I start thinking of titles, I can’t stop. However, here are some that I keep coming back to when I think of what collected series from DC I would purchase without hesitation:

The rest of Batman and the Outsiders (and Adventures of the Outsiders and Outsiders).
The rest of the Paul Levitz Legion of Super-Heroes.
Mike Grell’s Warlord
A Tales of the Batman collection of stories by Mike W. Barr. Or at least a book collecting his Batman annuals and specials from the 1980s.
Sgt Rock
All-Star Squadron

But if I had to narrow it down to one, I’d cheat and pick two, because these are two all-time favorites I’d love to see collected:
Blackhawk by Mark Evanier and Dan Spiegle. This might be a possibility with the rumored Spielberg Blackhawk movie on the distant horizon. That would be kind of ironic, considering that DC launched this version of the series because there were rumors that Spielberg would be producing a Blackhawk movie.
‘Mazing Man by Bob Rozakis and Stephen DeStefano. Pretty much unlike any other book DC has published, it’s a gentle comedy about a group of friends in Brooklyn.

And those are my choices.

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