What would you like to happen in YJ season 3? Any theories?

Hey everyone! I just wanted to create a thread seeing about what everyone would like to see happen in season 3. I already know that one is a given: Wally West’s return. However, I’m curious to see what else people have in mind as to theories & what people would like to see in general. Don’t worry, this is marked as spoiler if you wish to discuss theories about the 1st 3 episodes & how you think that they will play out.

By the way, everyone is talking about the end credits, but how about that intro? Gives me the chills & I’m here for it!

In case anyone was wondering, here’s a list of things I want to see in YJ season 3 (doesn’t include characters/things I wish to happen in the future since some of this stuff is too soon):

  1. Oracle dynamic–Babs is only interacting with Dick in the 1st 3 episodes, why is that? How will Weisman & Vietti explain her becoming Oracle? Mission gone south maybe? What’s her dynamic with Bruce like right now?
  2. Dick’s dynamic with team, JL, & Batman–He told Kaldur that he was taking a leave of absence, is there a reason why he hasn’t returned? He said Barbara was up for a leadership position, if she’s off the missions, why didn’t he return? What’s going on between him & Batman? Interesting to see how Dick handle’s Barbara becoming Oracle & how everything went down between him & Bruce as a result.
  3. Jason Todd backstory/Red Hood reference–I don’t expect them to really touch on Red Hood quite so early in this season. I’m expecting this later, maybe even season 4. However, it would be nice to have a Red Hood reference & what the 2nd Robin’s dynamic with the team was like. How did Jason die? Was it on a mission with Batman or the team?
  4. Beast Boy–what convinced him to leave the life? Not going to lie, I almost cried when realizing he met her at Wally’s funeral
  5. Katana!! Just more Katana!!
  6. Batwoman & her dynamic with the other members of the batfamily. BACKSTORY
  7. Quarc/Bialya war update. How did this effect Halo as a character? Halo’s past in Quarc!
  8. How are the members of the team & JL handling Batman’s stunt? (Tim/Cassie break up to cause future romance between Tim/Stephanie??)

Long list, I know. Mostly about batfamily, I know.

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I will go down with Dick/Babs. I need to see this pairing!!!

I want to see:
-If Impulse mission(s) are completed, now that he’s in the past. He saved Neutron, but the future (from Neutron’s perspective) remained unchanged.
-M’gann and Superboy’s relationship survive the rest of the season and beyond.
-What happened to Aquaman before Kaldur took on the role?

It’s funny, I had six years to think about all the possible theories, from season 1 & 2, they could explore in season 3, but I can only think of three right now.

I want to see a love triangle between Tim, Cassie and Stephanie. It will definitely add more drama, realism and (for those who like cat fights) entertainment.

I’m hoping the Katana theme of her being a surrogate mother to Halo continues as it was in Batman & the Outsiders. I liked the dynamic of her & Halo as characters who’ve been there done that (Katana) & the innocence & almost naivety of Halo as a character who was suddenly thrust into the world of super heroine & was forced to adjust. Plus it would widen the platform for Katana who, imho, needs more screen time as a character who’s definitely earned it, & has a backstory that could carry an individual show for her alone. That’s just 1 dynamic I’m hoping for, but even if it doesn’t come to fruition, I think the YJ creators have earned the right to say they know best when it comes to this show. I’ve yet to be disappointed by any liberties or even a single storyline yet which is incredible in itself.

I have a few theories, but none of them have nearly as much evidence to back them up as Wally’s return. I have probably watched every single YouTube vid out there about theories for Wally’s return. The most popular is speed force, but I’m not convinced. If you really watch the season finale of season two, when the energy strikes Wally, I think it was charging him up. He was running around the circle at near light speed, so no one could tell he wasn’t dying. I think he was running so fast, and when you take the energy into account, he just started running at light speed! The rest is complicated, but at some point he will stop running. A few years will have passed, but he won’t be able to tell. Not convinced? I have more evidence. In YJ Enhanced, Wally’s voice actor, Jason Spisak and Greg Weisman are talking. Here’s what it looked like.

G: Season 3.
Jason: Wait, there’s a season 3?!
G: Not for you.
J: Aw man!
G: ……maybe… laughs
So, enough evidence? I hope so. :crossed_fingers:t2:

What I want to see is a Jason Todd young Justice episode. I mean I already pretty much have an idea of what they can do in that episode too. Have Ra’s al Ghul resurrect Jason and then the light brainwash him and have him work as an operative for the light alongside Deathstroke or replace deathstroke because deathstroke left because of money or something…

Never mind I just saw a different thread for this…

i wonder if the missing princess tara is actually the “tar” that is awakening people’s meta genes. like, that was her superpower but she was literally transformed into tar.

What would I like to see in season 3 a whole new threat not connecting to the light how about we start a new story arc will the new thread new enemies new storyline

I have a theory, though it’s more about what Nightwing’s character progression in S4 will be thanks to what happens in S3. That being considering Darkseid is the main threat this season and we might be getting a crisis level epic finale, I’m wondering if Batman is going to die or get lost in time (or something) with everyone thinking he’s dead (like in the comics).

Part of Dick’s journey is walking his own path. S1: Dick expects to be Batman someday but realizes he hates acting like him. S2: Dick is Nightwing and a leader but is forced to act just Batman in manipulating/deceiving nearly everyone in order to aid Kaldur in his undercover mission to take down the Light through his father. The stress gets to him and causes him to realize despite the good it did it also did a lot of bad for his friends (and he should have been more honest/trusting to them like he normally is). This causes him to give back his leadership position to Kaldur in the end.

In Season 3 so far Dick seems much happier being his own man and walking his own path compared to S2. I think Dick realized if he stayed in the Team, he’d always be expected by someone to act like Batman and left so he could be/figure out the hero he was meant/wanted to be. This falls in line with his character path in comics where, unlike a lot of other protege’s, Dick manages to leave his mentor’s shadow and become his own legend. The Team was technically created by Batman and the JL was also partly founded by Batman too. This season it looks like Dick is going to end up creating the Outsiders: a team that’s his creation (I guess this is his Titans).

What I’m getting at, well what I said above is that Batman might ‘die’. Dick is afraid to be Batman but if something happens to Batman then that might happen. Dick is the only one capable of replacing Bruce as Batman. Who knows, maybe Gotham becomes a No Man’s Land (also kind of based off the comics, but with a YJ spin) and it needs it’s Batman more then ever? This would work as part of Dick’s character development. He would be put to the test whether he could wear the cowl and stay true to himself without being consumed by the burden of the Bat. It could also be a way to introduce Damian and get that D and D dynamic Duo that’s so beloved. Tim (or Steph. Okay for her I’m just remembering that comic panel of her imagining herself as a purple Nightwing) could also either assume the Nightwing and/or Red Robin mantle (thus giving either of them that arc). It works out too that everything Dick builds with the Outsiders wouldn’t have to be thrown away. Batman resigned and was disowned by the JL. No one would expect Batman to be associated with the League or Team anymore. Dickbat’s could still be the leader of the Outsiders.

So basically that’s my overall long theory of why I think Bruce might bite it in the S3 final (or you know be thought of as dead) and how it will affect Dick’s character in S4.

I also think Connor will get his other abilities unlocked and get into a fight with Darkseid towards the end (I just hope he doesn’t die. Please don’t die Superboy!).