What would you do if DC was closing over Bankruptcy


Wait only five seconds before some mega-conglomerate buys them out.


Roll my eyes as Disney picked it up.


I’d be happy if anybody saved the company by buying them out

I’d just reread 50+ years worth of great comics (well, I wouldn’t pick up the New 52 stuff again and the current Didio deconstruction crap) and shout from the highest mountain–“I told you so!!”

You’ve told DC they’ll go bankrupt?

Truth_Of_Pisces LOL

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What if? I’d start flying around the world in reverse to turn back time to save DC.


I guess I’d be a little worried since that would mean a T and T and Warner was declaring bankruptcy, which I’m pretty sure isn’t going to happen for a long long time…


Adjust my pillow and go back to sleep while saying “Where’d that enormously unlikely deal come from?” to myself.


The bigger concern would be if WB decided to shut down the DC comic division…

Than I will hate WB forever

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I don’t know what I’d do😣

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I would be sad. I may have been mad at them yesterday, but I still care about them. DC has so many great Superheroes.

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Wait until they come out of bankruptcy

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Be surprised if Disney didn’t buy them out and restructure the whole comic universe by doing crisis on Infinite Universe and starting over, Marvel had a chance to buy DC In the 80’ s cause they where doing so bad they stopped and didn’t go through with it because they thought they would be creating a monopoly but that’s not the case now there are a plethora of independent comic book company’s now.

Marvel almost went bankrupt in the 90’s. This is just a rough patch for DC. But I wouldn’t even call it that. Successful tv shows (Marvel cancelled most of theirs), One of the top 20 movies in the world (Not special considering Marvel is most of those too), and successful comic books. Not to mention DC’s heroes are infinitely more awesome.

DC can’t really go bankrupt as it’s a subsidiary of AT&T. Worst case scenario would be if the bottom completely fell out of comics publishing and they stopped producing new books. When Marvel nearly went under and saved themselves by selling movie rights to Fox and Sony, they were an independent company.

Where is this coming from?

They would never close. I mean DC could, but they would just license the properties to other folks who could do something with them. Don’t worry. You will always have Superman.