What will happen to the DCEU

So the news of Henry Cavill’s departure from the Man of Steel role is very disturbing. And if not done already Ben Affleck is probably on his way out the door with his return to rehab and the increased premium of insurance WB has to pay for him. Who can take the place of 2/3 Trinity? I’m not opposed to John Hamm as the older version of the Batman. And I’ve always thought Sam Clafflin (POTC: Stranger Tides, Hunger Games Trilogy) would make a great Superman. Also is this going to be the downfall of the DCEU movie verse or the beginning? Thoughts?

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I feel like they will use Flashpoint to do a soft reboot at a certain point to replace people like Affleck and Cavill. I feel like they will wait to see how Aquaman and Shazam perform and then go from there as far as who they will keep and who they will replace. Obviously Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman and if people like Aquaman then Mamoa would stay and they could just plug in whatever new actors they need to from there. It sucks because Cavill and Affleck were solid as Superman and Batman and I don’t feel like either of them got a fair shake at their roles.

Henry Cavill is still in the role, that article was either made up or a negotiation tactic by Cavill or his manager. Check Dany Garcia’s (his manager) tweets or his Instagram. I’m hoping Affleck stays, but that seems less likely. Jon Hamm would be good, but I think he’d make a better Harvey Dent. Michael Fassbender would be my pick as a replacement. Personally, I’d rather see more solo movies going forward that are all apart of the same universe with cameos and references tying them all together rather than trying to build up to something like Marvel. I would love some bat-family movies though.


We barely got any movies out of them. Marvel gave each character at least 3 movies. I’d hope the same for Ben and Henry.