What will happen to Batman The Animated Series?


Does anyone know what will happen to Batman:TAS and the other DCAU shows? Will they also be moved to HBO Max or will they stay on DC Universe?



Nothing has been said yet about any of the video content other than the original programming. I would think HBO Max would be the best bet for B:TAS and other DCAU content, but can’t be said for certain.

I can’t say for certain where Batman: TAS will end up, but it will not be on DCU. When DCU Infinite launches, there will be no video content hosted on the service.

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That sucks :frowning: Seems I will be unsubscribing. The primary use I had for this service was video content. My children and I watch DCAU content all the time on it.

Thanks for the info


@dogwelder9 why the sigh? Are you assuming my children are not into comics because I won’t use this service to read them? My kids do read comics, just not digitally. They like physical media much more than digital. They enjoy taking their comics to their room and reading them. They also read manga. I too enjoy the physical media more than digital.

With that said, my parents taught me how to read by using comics. Comics have always been important to me and I have always tried to support the industry any way I can. Reading is also quite important to my family as well. So important that my wife owns an online bookstore.

Have a nice night :slight_smile:

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