What were your favorite threads of the week?

Throughout the week, if there’s a thread you like that’s started from 3/3 (Sunday) to 3/9 (Saturday), you can tell me on this thread. At the end of the week, I’ll take your suggestions along with my favorites and compile a list of the best threads.

Please format your suggestions like this
Name of thread, @threads creator
which category you are nominating it for
then Why you liked it.

The categories this week are

Post of the Week
Best General Post
Best Watchtower Announcement
Best News Article
Best Comics Post
Best TV Post
Best Collectibles Post
Best Fan Creation Post
Best Suggestion Box
Best Random Topic
Best Investigative Report
Best Event

I also have a Community Hero of the Week which I will choose myself.


My reminder!

Just published a new report!



DC Multiverse Lobo Wave Review, @Vroom
Best Collectibles Post
Like it because it was thorough and informative.

:mag: BEHIND THE MASK :mag_right: Wonder Woman Edition, @DC Universe
Best General Post
Like it because not only did it invite us to have an insightful discussion about Wonder Woman, but her role in the Trinity :slight_smile:

Thanks for making these threads, @Nathan.Payson :slight_smile: You do a great job finding gems for people to check out!

Thanks Inkblot

Everyone else one day left to choose your favorite post.

Posting the top stuff tonight!

It would be cool if this thread won something

Best ““favorite thread of the week” thread award”


Can’t wait to see it!!!