What Were Your Favorite Parts About Birds of Prey?

Obviously the fight scenes were the best!!!


Fantastic fight scenes. They had her using her psychiatric prowess by analyzing people. Egg sandwich. Hair tie.


The credits.

Lol In all honesty thou the entire film is fun. when Black mask puts on the mask was awesome.

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Harleys Fun-Gun (I want one)
Anytime Huntress spoke or…did anything
Roman vs the snot bubble
Roman vs :boom:
Harley w/ one shoe
Montoya’s tee
Zsasz being his creepshow self
Harls all drunk having a VERY deep discussion w/ a mannequin
Canary cry
Canary kicks
A hyena just chillin’ in a bathtub eating licorice
Harley taping Cass to a toilet!! :joy:
Huntress. Again. Across the board.
Fun w/ zippo lighters
Fun w/ roller skates
The “Frida Kahlo lookin MFer”
Fighting in a funhouse
That wonderfully random musical number
Did I mention Huntress??
I loved it.

Does anyone think the end credit sequence was perhaps a reference to the HQ animated show? “Batman f%$# :bat:” ??


:face_with_monocle: while I’m mentioning this thread—just gonna drop this here. @Mae @hashtagfrankr.15415 hi!

The warehouse fight scene with the pallet of cocaine getting shot up and Harley taking a nice bump :rofl:

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Yay for positive posts!

  • Huntress (Just everything about her!)
  • Black Canary (Same as above)
  • Roller derby Harls!
  • Jail breakout scene.
  • Harley’s wardrobe.
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I only just this evening finally got around to watching it. Suicide Squad had me highly skeptical about whether or not it was ever going to be worth my time.

I thought it was alright, certainly much better than Suicide Squad.

The car chase was well done.

Harley Quinn doing something crazy attacks and kills on henchman, adopting her pet hyena, named her Bruce after Batman “that hunky Wayne guy” and even feeding him the guy who gave the hyena to her, Huntress being a savage, Harley Quinn blowing up the Ace Chemicals factory, looks like she’s had enough of Jared Leto’s Joker, and finally killing Black Mask by using one of Harley’ hand grenades, and also, like in both the Deadpool movies, in many of the episodes of Teen Titans Go!, and even Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, she broke the 4th wall about telling everyone about Batman’s secret identity. I love this movie, it’s now one of my all time favorite DCEU and other cinematic movies of all time next to Wonder Woman, the original Justice League, and soon-to-be great DC movies, especially James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn coming back as well (BIG BONUS), they really improved on Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn very much on this movie, even though I did enjoyed the 2016 Suicide Squad movie. Maybe they can make her team up with Poison Ivy, and Catwoman as the Gotham Sirens, along with Cassandra Cain (maybe turning into Batgirl, along with Barbara Gordon as her friend).

I want to see some future directors cut where they include the part about Zsasz and Black mask on the dl.

Really enjoyed Harley’s comedic sociopathy. Loved the part where Roman blew up. Great movie. 10/10 idgaf.


I loved all the colors!! Visually the movie was beautiful, especially from something in gotham where its usually just dark and grimy

the best part was the fast list of all the things sionis could want harley dead for

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I like the fact that they showed the original tv scene of Arleen Sorkin appeared in, dressed as a harlequin, that Harley Quinn was originally based off of in the Animated Series.