What we should see happen on DCU

After watching shows on CW, Netflix, Fox, FX, and well everywhere when it comes to Marvel and DC, I can say this. Netflix has done justice to its Marvel characters. They’ve made the shows serious and the action scenes, fight choreography that is actually good.

After watching Titans, I was left disappointed on the fight choreography. I gave up on the CW two years ago. I know those shows have a lower budget, but on this service, you guys need to step it up. I don’t want to see 50 different camera angles for just a punch. One take segments need to be more prominent in these shows. Also, Batman looked horrible in Titans. I couldn’t believe how stupid his suit looked. I expect a lot from Doom Patrol and the future of this service.

I liked the fight choreography on Titans. I don’t think it is Netflix level by any means but it doesn’t need to be. Just like Marvel’s movies don’t have to hit that level.