What was your reaction to the ending of Batman #55?

I was so shocked with the ending! What about you?

Have to pick up Nightwing 50 to see how he reacts to this.

I was as well. I’m curious as to who the shooter was. I wonder if it has anything to do with grayson as an agent. If a bullet to the head didn’t do anything but make penguin lose an eye I’m not gonna believe that he’s gone though.

Honestly, i’d really like it if Didio quit his massive hatred over Nightwing. I thought he was done putting Dick through the ringer after Forever Evil and then demoting him to Agent Grayson. It gets really tiring when a beloved character that he hates keeps getting treated like this.

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I believe KGBeast was the shooter

I’m actually thinking this will be a good opportunity for new stories. It probably won’t last very long. Nightwing changes all the time, from Robin, to Nightwing, and to a bunch of other aliases.

Fierce, I feel the same way about Wally West. Didio and company seem to have a mad on for killing any former sidekicks who actually grew up and became as popular (if not mores) as their mentors. It doesn’t help that Roy Harper is now in a Heroes in Crisis dead pool along with Wally. Dick getting shot in the head just makes it that much more worrisome. additionally, an upcoming cover of Titans has the group photo from the first issue of this latest run going up in flames (I’m half surprised someone didn’t kill Tempest during the Sink Atlantis storyline in Aquaman this week!)

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A leak went out awhile back that Kyle Rayner was one of the big deaths in Heroes in Crisis but since he’s on the Titans book i guess that isn’t the case nom.