What was the first DC comic that you bought or read??

Can you recall your very first DC comic??? I remember my parents buying me Superman #8 in 1987 while we were getting gas one night. Little did they know that it would be the spark that started the blaze of a lifetime of collecting comics! They would later buy me the continuation of the story in Action Comics 591. I still have both comics and they are two of my favorite possessions!

How about you? What was your first DC comic and why did it mean so much to you??


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Batman #400 (1986).
Forward by Stephen King, cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz… I was hooked forever

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A titans/outsider crossover

Invasion! #3

Justice League of America #192.
Pre-Crisis, Bronze Age, Satellite-Era goodness.
Plus George Perez art!

I believe mine was Batman: Haunted Knight

The Untold Legend of The Batman #'s 1-3 from the Batman cereal. As best I remember at least.


Some new Batman comics in 1992 when Batman Returns came out.

My dad gave me an oversized reprint anthology of Captain Marvel stories when I was just a toddler, and going through it again and again helped me learn how to read. “Collector’s Edition #C-21,” if you’re looking for it. The book itself is far older than I am.


Detective Comics 427 (1972). I only missed Batman’s debut by 400 issues😀. That, and boy am I old😀.

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Death of Superman.

A collection of Batman stories from the '50s full of the original Batwoman and Bat-Girl, Bat-Mite, and a bunch of other weird Silver Age stuff that DC would rather you forget about. It was great. I also got one from the '40s later, and one from '60s a while after that.

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Green Arrow Vol 2 - Issue 0 in 1994…And been in love with Green Arrow ever since. It’s what started me out in Comics as remember going to the comic book store with my dad. He told me I could have one book out of the stack as a gift for standing up to a bully who was picking on my little brother. That was the issue I picked up and spend my allowance from then on getting Green Arrow books. …I miss my old man.