What was that Aquaman pilot that only got 1 episode supposed to be?

I have searched through the Database and found the pilot for and Aquaman show. Was it supposed to be something or is it just supposed to have 1 episode.

The show didn’t get picked up. Only the pilot was shot.

Thanks, I was wondering that. Is the pilot any or is the acting and other things bad?

Honestly, I’ve never been curious enough to watch it.

I’ll just say it wasn’t picked up for a reason lol. It was being developed by the Smallville creators.

Now, I want to watch it.

It would’ve aired but it was the casualty of the merger between the WB and UPN, so it was released on ITunes. It was quite popular when it was released.

I just watched it, it’s sad that the plots will never be resolved, but I see what you meant on why it got cancelled. The worst part was the acting.

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