what villain movie would you want to see next?

Now that the Joker’s opening weekend box office sales have gotten so high, it seems likely that we’ll get other movies in the same vein. So what character would you like to see done next?
Personally, I’d love to see a Red Hood story based on Lost Days. Highly unlikely, but one can dream.

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Joker is more of a character study, and I don’t see Red Hood being along those lines.

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It’s hard, because I don’t know how many people out of the general audience would attend, or be interested in other characters, or their origin being broken down. Honestly, if it’s going to be anyone I could see it working with Catwoman, but I still don’t think it will come anywhere near close to the interest of people wanting to see Joker, it especially if it’s another take on the origin.

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A movie based on Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo’s Lex Luthor: Man of Steel mini-series.

Unlike Joker, the title character’s nemesis would be in the Lex movie (as he was in the comic too).


If done right, a Bane movie would be awesome.

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All live action ramblings:
Joker sequel joker v Batman
Darkseid v jl ( prob won’t happen)
Flashpoint ( pretty sure it was confirmed)
Blackest night

I think of only 3 villains worth a such a character case study. In order:

Ra’s Al Ghul

And I’m not even sure about Sinestro. And Bane is a distant second to Ra’s.
Vandel Savage could be interesting, but it is really a story about he tries to manipulate humanity through different ages, so it’s for a vignette format.


Black Mask or Bane solo movie or Red Lion or Bronze Tiger (Micheal Jai White)


My first thought was Mr. Freeze, but I can’t imagine a live action version topping the animated series take on the character. I wouldn’t mind seeing a faithful version of Two Face’s origin story on the big screen.

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I would watch a Bane movie. That would be both frightening and action packed at the same time.

They should make a Bane animated movie anyway.

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Not to sound like Reaganfan, but I think a Penguin movie could be really good. Start from “Pain and Prejudice.”

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Hell yeah!

As a fan of psychological horror movies, I’d love one for Scarecrow, but I don’t think that would have mass appeal. I haven’t been a big fan of his live action portrayals so far, since they always use wonky CGI effects or shaky cameras to portray the effects of his gas.

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A Professor Pyg or Two-Face film would be amazing. Seeing Harvey Dent’s downfall in a similar fashion to Joker

Honestly, it would have to be a villain that can be painted in a somewhat sympathetic light and have them turn out how they are traditional seen in the comics, but understanding how they got their and what their general motivations are.
With Joker in particular however, they have a LOT more creative freedom with the end result than they would with most characters, as long as the end results shared the key traits that ever of the various incarnations of the Joker have in common. However that doesn’t limit the potential for other similar movies showing the origin of various villains and how they became the way they are, as well as showing exactly how they’re the hero of their own story by actually showing us the story.
With all of that being said, there are a few villain origin movies I would love to see. If I had to choose one, it would have to be Sinestro. It would be great to really show him as the hero he was before eventually going to far, making his turn against the Green Lanterns and his betrayal and loss of those few he saw as friends that much more impactful, and understanding him as more than just a villain who hates the Green Lanterns and in particular Hal Jordan. It could also show his disagreement with the Guardians and their policies from his perspective and show the events that lead to some of those disagreements and shed some light on Sinestro’s side of the argument, making his betrayal of them more reasonable and justified from his perspective, rather than simply a villain who hates the Guardians and wants to destroy the Green Lanterns and build his own Corps. If the movie is told from his perspective with him as the hero of his story and what lead to him forming the Sinestro Corps., perhaps relate the cause to Abin Sur’s death and the effect it has on what little bit of social life he allowed himself to have. Maybe it could be linked to the Green Lantern Corps. movie, or even have it lead to a separate Green Lantern movie focusing more on Hal and his rivalry with Sinestro, having him be the main villain after being banished to the antimatter universe at the end of his solo movie on purpose so he could eventually have the weaponers on Qward build a Yellow Central Power battery capturing Parallax, who was freed during the last movie and sent to the antimatter universe by the Guardians in the Sinestro solo movie. He uses a interdimensional transporter built by the weaponers for another client who is not yet ready to use it, so he helps himself to it and returns to our universe with his own Central Power Battery and acts as the main villain in the Green Lantern movie. It could happen in the same continuity as the upcoming GL Corps. movie depending and how it does and who the villain is, with his solo movie taking place before the GL Corps. movie, with him being imprisoned in the antimatter universe at the time of the movie.

Red Hood.
Mr. Freeze.
Injustice Superman.
The Batman Who Laughs.

But Lobo would probably be the most fun.