what video games are you currently playing?

I’m currently playing resident evil 2 remake and a dash of kingdom hearts with some tales of vesperia. Too many games lol


Resident Evil 2 here as well. Such a beautiful remaster! Was a wee bit disappointed with Kingdom Hearts.


I finished Leon’s story I need to do Claire’s next. Great game I had to horde gun powder. First aid strays and knife alot of stuff.

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I’m still playing the DLC for the Spider-Man game. I had to be an adult and work on my graduate school statements, so I haven’t been playing haha


Red Dead 2. It’s the most well crafted experience of any kind I’ve ever seen…

By far.

It’s just mind boggling. I have been playing it for weeks and I still find myself in awe every day at the craftsmanship that has gone into this game.

It’s going to be hard to appreciate other games after this.


Red dead 2 is also really good.

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Disneyland Adventures and Minecraft. :slightly_smiling_face:


wow high praise for Red Dead, I’ll have to jump on that train soon

felt similar with Spidey–got the platinum and 100% and all that but still enjoy playing–the Black Cat DLC features some of the best dialogue, music, and animation I’ve seen in a game


DC Lego Super Villains, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and a little DCU Online.

Im usually away from home working but these are what im playing when i get the chance.


I finished Kingdom Hearts 3 and am now focusing my attention on Resident Evil 2 as well.

I have a backlog though that includes:
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Soul Calibur VI
Rise of the Tomb Raider
And dlc for AC: Origins, Spider-man, and Witcher 3


Assassins creed odyssey and black ops3 and 4


DC Universe Online

It’s my main game . I play others often but DCUO is almost everyday for hours


GTA V online driving around in my Vigilante Batmobile.


I wanted to love DCUO, but I just can’t get into MMOs.


Injustice 2

Currently jumping between DCUO and Tower Unite.

The problem I have with DCUO right now is that free accounts are so limited. True, you get a ton of character customization right off the bat. I love being able to make the hero or villain of my dreams and go wild with creativity. However, half the choice on powers are locked behind DLC. You can gather a hefty bank account, but you can only hold up to 1,500 money at a time, much less spend that much. And then comes the hideout system. You do get a decent apartment to play around with and decorate your place, however, most of those cool machines with things to do? You need the premium account and proper DLC to use them. All of this collides with a limited backpack. With a free account, you can only hold so many things at once in your backpack, it becomes cluttered. Your bank also has limited space. Even less space, in fact. Trying to store all those “lair system” items you can’t use in your bank adds up and then you backpack becomes cluttered and out in the field, when you’re getting sweet loot, you have to chuck out stuff because you get so much loot and you can’t use those lair systems because you don’t have the DLC and you have to store research material to build things, but you can only have so much room to do that, too. So eventually, you only have maybe one row of free space left in your backpack and that gets filled up, and…


And the fact that the most useful DLC which gives you everything is locked behind an $80-90 charge isn’t cheap, but cheaper than buying everything at a time. I want to like DCUO. I rarely get invested in MMORPGs and it’s one that’s kinda my thing at the moment, but playing with a free account can get painful.

On the other hand, I’m having a ball with Tower Unite.

I think the most annoying thing about DCUO is that creating a name for your character is a chore. The game has been live for nearly a decade so all the good names are taken, mostly by inactive accounts. I’ve only made three characters when I gave it a shot. Each time it took me twenty minutes to come up with a name that could actually use. You think they would have fixed this!?

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It’s always been easy enough for me but I usually add an X just because.

Green Lantern XE
Hielo X
Electroshock X
Fuego X

I’m becoming a premium member again next month and will be making an earth guy. Probably something with Mundo(world) or Tierra(earth)

I use spanish names a lot but used latin words for old characters years ago.

I agree about the free membership having big restrictions but I personally love the membership and feel it’s worth it for the most part. I get the 3 months deal and when it ends, I wait a couple of months then rejoin. The $40 is fine as you get so much content.

The 12 month is too much but I highly suggest at least a 1 month deal to get the dlc powers, try the dlc episodes and get as much unlocked content as you can

I wrapped up Resident Evil 2 and threw myself into a replay of the Batman Arkham games. I finished Asylum ( all riddler trophies and Amadeus Arkham mystery).

Working through Arkam City right now (skipping Origins), and I plan on finally finishing Arkham Knight (never beat that one)

And maybe Kingdom Hearts 3.


I totally agree. It took me forever to come up with a good name for my main. I originally wanted Doctor Cross since he was going to be a mad scientist-type with a cross-shaped cowl, but I eventually came up with Doctor Kimota (obscure comic book reference inbound). Somehow, nobody thought up of it yet. But then I created an American flag-themed archer lady for my secondary, yet all the good patriot names were already taken. So yeah, I know that feeling.