what video game character should cross over with DC

we have been getting some great crossovers recently everything from Masters of the Universe, TMNT, and my favorite the power rangers. What video game characters would you like to see mix with DC characters. I’d love to see Delta Squad from my favorite game franchise gears of war interact with the suicide squad. What about you?


Sonic the Hedgehog joins the Teen Titans. Kirby joins the Terrifics. Simon Belmont joins Justice League Dark.

Meanwhile, Marvel releases Punisher vs. Waluigi. Only one character comes out alive.

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@alexander I love the idea of Simon and JLD.

Castlevania characters crossing over with JL Dark would be super cool.

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Maybe Resident Evil characters on the DCeased universe?

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Dante from Devil May Cry teaming up with Justice League Dark. Snake from the Metal Gear series works with the Suicide Squad.

Dr. Mario & The Atom

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Dig-Dug & Cave Carson

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Mega Man & Robotman


Samus Aran and Lobo
Pit from Kid Icarus and Wonder Woman

Pac Man and Matter Eater Lad


@batboy oh I like pit and WW, what about Kratos and WW.

Wouldn’t that just be the two fighting each other?

Pong, Joust and/or Yar’s Revenge.

Power Girl, Tina (from DOA), Morrigan (from Darkstalkers), Ivy (from Soul Calibur IV), & Rachel (from Ninja Gaiden)

There are at least 10 reasons for that crossover.

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@batnoy84 and it would be glorious

Tracer from overwatch hooking up with batwoman lmao

I’d love to see Spawn crossover. He is in the MK game and there was a crossover with him vs Batman back in the 90’s

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Whatever the name of the guy from that game Arkham city. That was a fun game

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@dogwelder now if the two had to fight who would win? They have both been gods of war at one time.