what two characters would make a great crossover or series out of?

What two characters would make a really cool crossover event or like series?

My picks: Batman and Green Arrow.

Yes, there my two favorite characters but the possibilities and the real world applications here are perfect. Just think they could decide to work together to take down Ra’s al ghoul who once again has inlisted the help of Deathstroke but it doesn’t stop there no Ra’s wants a team of unstoppable assassins. Lead by Deathstroke, it would be Talon, Hush,Bane, Heretic, Cheshire, Shado, and Malcom Merlyn. There called The Guild of Destruction or G.O.D. They are tasked with one job to eliminate Batman and Green Arrow. All of Batman’s and Green Arrows teams are captured so they have no one but each other and they are forced to work together. Will our hero’s have what it takes to defeat this team of immortal assassins? Can they work together to take down the demon head? Only one way to find out… p.s. DC I would love to write this story so just uh contact me if your interested…lol.

But what’s your team up? And what’s your background story? Lmk!

       Brett Wayne. I think also I’m gonna write start writing this story today. So if anyone would be interested in hearing it lmk and I’ll find a way to email it or post it. Thanks!

Bizarro and Solomon Grundy. Massive road trip.


Atom & Shrinking Violet


I’d go completely random & opposite…

Mr Freeze & The Joker team up

Comedy & Tragedy all in one lol


Jason Todd and Constantine. There are a lot of mystical aspects to Jason’s character currently being ignored in the Rhato comic but which would work well in Constantine’s world. Also a Constantine/Sandman series would be great


Harley and Ivy meet Killer Moth and Firefly? Harley wants Ivy to have more human interaction and they go to the first villains they find, but Firefly being a pyromaniac, Ivy ends up hating him and things go bad quickly.


Catwoman & Plastic Man, pulling off a Heist to keep some weapons out of the hands of some dirty big wigs.

with Plastic man being like “Batman is so going to revoke my JLA membership after this.”


Arrow and Flash simple.

Nightwing and the flash(Wally west)

Green Lantern & Flash easy

Wally West & Dick Grayson in any uniform they want haha the OG sidekicks teaming up to save their mentors

Batman and Green Arrow.

Batgirl,Supergirl,and Wonder Girl.