What TV Series Would You Create?

The “Would you like to write for DC” thread in the Comics area made me think… if you could develop and Executive Produce a TV series based on a DC character or team, what would it be?

Preferably, exclude anyone who already has a current or recent series – though a spinoff featuring a supporting cast member would be fine. For example, maybe you’d want to do an Arrowverse spinoff with Ragman.

Aside from that, you can let your show stand alone or set it in one of the existing broadcast universes (Arrowverse, DCEU, one of the animated universes, same world as Stargirl, etc.).

For myself, there are plenty that I’d happily watch (like the aforementioned Ragman spinoff), but what’s really caught my imagination is a missed opportunity with Zatanna. In the character’s second appearance on Smallville, she was wandering the country (maybe the world) hunting down artifacts that her embittered late father had cursed. I think that this concept would’ve made a great spinoff, and even today would be fun to work into the Arrowverse. It could be tested out as a backdoor pilot on Legends of Tomorrow, and then just have Z and a couple of friends on that ongoing quest, with recurring guest appearances from the Phantom Stranger, Etrigan, and various other mystical characters in DC’s stable. Even established magical characters could visit, like Constantine, Ragman, Vixen (if Megalyn Echikunwoke can get it into her schedule), Nora Darhk, Charlie/Clotho, the Spectre (whether Jim Corrigan or Oliver Queen), etc. (Heck, even Gary Green could be part of her retinue!)


I know I have stated this elsewhere on the app, but my TV series would be “The Blue and The Gold”. It would feature those lovable knuckleheads Ted Kord and Booster Gold as they embark on numerous misadventures up and down the DCU timeline.


That would be a fun show to watch.


@bobgreenwade.59688 I like where you’re going with your idea. Mine is similar. I would suggest Shadowpact. Plenty of stories with the precursor to Justice League Dark. Even some humor too. And you can’t go wrong with a team who’s base of operations is a bar in its own pocket dimension. :beers:


I’m a huge Green Lantern fan and Alan Scott is my favorite Lantern, so if I were to create a TV show based on a DC property, it would probably be an Alan Scott Green Lantern series. What would set it apart from other shows is that it would be set in the Golden Age.


I’ve been thinking about this forever, but a Arrowverse-set Hawkman/Hawkgirl show (that retcons their Legends appearances) could be so fun!

Carter Hall, an archaeologist working for the Midway City Museum, had his entire life changed when Kendra Saunders walked into his office with an ancient ceremonial dagger. One touch, and cloudy memories of a thousand lives came rushing back - memories of Kendra. Now Carter and Kendra, along with their partner Adam Strange, must discover the truth about their pasts…before their past discovers them.

Carter and Kendra travel the world trying to unravel their lifetimes of history, one clue at a time. One week they’d be in London discovering their lives in 19th Century England while the ghost of a gentleman they wronged hunts them down, which would lead them further down the rabbit hole to the African savannah where they’re forced to cross paths with an old colleague-turned-warlord, etc. etc. with a handful of episodes taking place in Midway - because when your collection becomes more high-value and supernatural, you start to attract a certain caliber of thief!

Costumes remain chill, with the harnesses and helmets coming out only when needed. The wings are Nth metal, generating from the harness when worn (gotta keep that vfx budget low!) and the harnesses just get tossed over their usual clothes (it’s too cold up north to go shirtless, Carter!) which will be very reminiscent of things like The Mummy or Tomb Raider, just with all the right colors in all the right places. It will very much be in the same vein as those, too - a fun action adventure show! Treasure hunts, ancient curses, a fun, flirty, “why did i get stuck with you” dynamic between our male and female leads with a delightful nerdy third wheel (filling the CW tech guy role) in Adam Strange!

Of course, Adam’s not here by accident. By the end of our first season, our feathered friends will have figured out the entirety of their immortal curse - or so they think! But, we leave off with Adam vanishing in a beam of light - a Zeta Beam! Our second season sees Carter and Kendra discover that their reincarnations haven’t been limited to Earth as they find themselves on Thanagar, while Adam meets the love of his life on Rann, unknowingly on opposing sides of the same intergalactic war!


I’ve been saying it for years - the Arrowverse desperately needs a magic show! It’s the one corner they aren’t touching, and there’re so many fun characters and concepts in there! Personally, I think the way to go is to let Legends bow out and use those resources to make a different show about a dysfunctional band of misfits who travel the world solving problems in a traveling house. John’s proven popular enough to lead (at least with help from an ensemble) and somebody like Zatanna as a co-lead would bring a ton of people in. Ragman, Etrigan, Deadman, maybe Traci 13 and that new teenage Doctor Fate as POV characters…it’s an easy cast to round out with a lot of possibilities or both story and guest characters, plus a ton of comedic potential.

At the very least…just pick up Swamp Thing for a second season, guys! It’s making bank for y’all!


I would really like a shot at making an anthology series surrounding Batman villains in the vain of Joker’s Asylum.

(Now that I think about it that’s very similar to Gotham but the difference is that Batman would be much farther into his career, and it would be much more self-contained.)


I can say right now that the Blue & Gold, Shadowpact, and Alan Scott ideas are shows that I’d be interested in watching – especially if the first two were Arrowverse, and the last was tied to Stargirl.


Wow! You’ve done a great job putting this idea together. Definitely a show I would watch. I always wanted to see a live action Hawkman done right.

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Amen! Your idea sounds a lot like mine. Have the Shadowpact team (Nightshade, Detective Chimp, Nightmaster, Blue Devil, Enchantress, Ragman, Traci 13) have their misadventures, rotate in Constantine, Zatana, Etrigan, etc. as needed add Dr. Fate or Spectre, whoever. There’s a lot of room for the writers to play around with things.


Hmm. A show focusing on the villains would be pretty cool. It would be a little different too. Good idea!


Cool. A GL show about someone other than Hal or John. I’m in. As much as I like John, he could use a rest.


I have several ideas:

  • An “Elseworlds” Justice League series featuring different DC characters in the roles of the League’s classic and founding “Big 7” lineup (I.e. Orion as Superman, Becca as Wonder Woman, etc.)

  • A Legion of Superheroes series featuring the characters of Rokk Krinn , Imra Ardeen, Ayla Ranzz, Querl Dox, Luornu Durgo, Tinya Wazzo, Jo Nah, and Chuck Taine

  • A Blue Beetle series featuring Jaime Reyes and narratively modeled after Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man comics


Honestly, Legion of Super-Heroes is such a prime concept for tv. Like…it’s Star Trek as a superhero show, with a super flexible cast and very few wrong answers for your core team. (Although, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lass, Brainiac 5, Triplicate Girl, Phantom Girl, Ultra Boy, and Bouncing Boy are a solid lineup!)


I agree – the OG trio and those others listed are a great core group for the LSH. Brainy can even have Phantom Girl along to help form the Legion Espionage Squad (a classic team that deserved its own spinoff comic).

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I picked my Legion lineup because it offers a diversity of powers and a parity of genders.

You could also create both heterosexual and homosexual representation with the characters involved by shifting Imra’s romantic interest to Ayla and making the OG LoSH comics’ implications of romantic interest between Rokk and Querl overt).


While going for representation, who in your roster might work as being on the autistic spectrum? Brainiac 5 seems like an obvious call, but too much so, plus he’s non-human so it can be put down to his alien culture. It wouldn’t even have to be a member of the core group, so it could be someone like Shrinking Violet, XS, or Matter-Eater Lad.

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@bobgreenwade.59688 I hadn’t considered trying to make any of the characters Autistic-coded, largely because I don’t think I understand enough about the disorder - despite being on the Spectrum myself - to write its characteristics convincingly.

Also, my series would not include any Legionnaires other than those I mentioned.

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I like where you’re going, especially with Blue Beetle (Jaime).