What TV series were NOT on Crisis

I was thinking what TV shows were not represented on Crisis, here is what I came up with. The list suprised me in that it is longer than I thought it would be :

Adventures of Superman
Lois and Clark ( this should have been easy as both Hatcher and Cain have been on Arrowverse shows )
Wonder Woman ( this disappointed me the most )
The 1st Swamp Thing show

Anything I am missing ?


@Bullcan Here’s a few I can think of:

Human Target
Legends of the Superheroes
Wonder Woman (Diane Crosby)
The Spirit (1987)

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I’ve heard that super boy was in it. It was that earth they went to with a dead Superman on the news.

Also for shows.

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The latest HBO Watchmen series.

While not technically named, I wonder if the KC Batman earth could have been the “Adventures of Superman” earth. When KC describes Clark, he used a chunk of language to describe Superman that was literally pulled directly from the 50’s Superman show.

So with the “Adventures of Superman” show, we never saw that earth explicitly represented, KC’s monologue makes that earth my “head-canon” for “Adventures of Superman”.


Well, Powerless was not represented. I know it was a comedy but it still took place on a DC earth.


Powerless has now been referenced in the finale of Arrow. Marc Guggenheim confirmed that a billboard touting Van Wayne Industries was in fact a shout out to Powerless.


The HBO Watchmen Show was referenced by a billboard during the trip Earth 666 with Lucifer’s cameo.


The Aquaman pilot


I’m surprised Gotham didn’t make the cut. Pennyworth was also absent.

For the Vertigo series, iZombie and Preacher weren’t featured.

Since Crisis had nods to the DCAU and Super Friends, animated shows could also be listed here. I didn’t notice any easter eggs for Young Justice, Teen Titans Go, or DC Superhero Girls.


Agreed, plus I thought the KC suit really looked a lot like the George Reeves suit for Adventures.

While not tv, Crisis included movies as well: DCEU with Flash, Knox from Batman (1989). Yet, no Steel.

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Not going to lie, I was legtimately surprised that Gotham was left out of the special but they chose to include Lucifer.


I’m still miffed Dean and Teri didn’t show up in the crossover. And it would have been nice if they could have worked in the original theme to The Adventures of Superman at some point.

The cross-over glimpses and references were my favorite part!

It seemed like they didn’t generally didn’t reference shows that already have recurring nods (other than 90s Flash, which had already been established).

Lois and Clark - Superman is Kara and Alex’s father
Supergirl - Kara and Alex’s mother
Wonder Woman - president on Supergirl

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Yeah but it helps that Fox cancelled Lucifer and Netflix picked it up.

Me too.
And I feel Like B66 and Smallville did not get the deserved reprise. I mean seriously, Burt Ward gets one line, and Tom Welling is done being Supes? No way.

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Also, did we get CU reprisals?