What to watch? (On here)

I’ve have already finished all the originals, and now I’m searching. What do y’all think I should watch next? Please leave reasons.

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If you are thinking of reading any of the thousands of comic books here. I suggest these two films first.

Secret Origins History of DC Comics in an hour and a half you would have the road map for DC Comics

Justice League New Frontier The Silver Age (1940s) heroes Batman Superman and Wonder Woman meet the 1960 heroes (Silver Age).
Origins of Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. Early Flash.

The animated and live action movies series come and go from the service.

Live Action Classics are Superman by Christopher Reeve and Batman by Michael Keaton. Both series will lose titles July first. Plus TV Wonder Woman. So far TV series are permanent.

Anumated Tv series are In order The Batman Animated Series, Superman Animated Seeies, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

Batman Animated movies start with Batman Year One which may be available July 1. Batman Under the Red Hood is good but you may need some Batman History. There have been four Robins.

Other members can add to this list.

If it is comics you are looking for, the News Section has Start Reading Articles for many major characters. Just keep looking downwards. I think Batman is April 11.

If you have Browse on your app, on the top page of Comic Books You can filter by era. Also many Storylines are listed as are Spotlghts on Authors and other types.

Batman the brave and the bold

-Batman: The Animated Series
-Superman: The Animated Series
-Batman Beyond
-Justice League
-Justice League Unlimited
-Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Why? They’re the major anchor shows of the DC Animated Universe, a massively popular adaptation of DC properties that began in 1992 and continues to this day via various movies.

Batman: The Animated Series is the best Batman adaptation ever and it and its follow-up series The New Batman Adventures are both even better in crystal clear high definition.

We’ve also got:

-the Legion of Super-Heroes TV series
-DC Daily
-Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman TV series in HD
-the live action Shazam! TV series in HD
-Filmation Associates’ The New Adventures of Superman and The New Adventures of Batman TV series
-DCU exclusive 4K Ultra High Definition presentations of Young Justice seasons one and two and the Batman Ninja direct to video movie
-other 4K content including all DCU original shows and direct to video animated movies including as The Death of Superman, Reign of the Supermen, Justice League vs The Fatal Five and the upcoming Batman: Hush the day it debuts on Blu-ray and DVD
-the complete collection of Dave and Max Fleischer’s theatrically released animated Superman shorts
-a wide assortment of the dazzling DC Nation animated shorts which encompass various DC properties
-the Christopher Reeve starring Superman movies
-the Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher Batman movie series
-the Constantine TV series
-the classic Adventures of Superman TV series
-assorted animated movies from the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line
-various specials and documentaries about varying DC Comics topics (The Science of Superman, Batman Tech, Restoring Shazam!, Secret Origins: The Story of DC Comics, etc, etc)

That’s just a teensy bit of what else you can choose from. We also have a digital comic book library 20,000+ issues strong for when you’d like to visit the content that the movies, TV shows and video games revolve around and wouldn’t exist without.

Enjoy =)


Also batman the brave and the bold

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