What to watch next? Swamp Thing vs Krypton


I am finishing up the amazing Doom Patrol. While I wait for season 2 of the Titans, I am not sure what to watch next.

Help me vote, DC Universe!!

Swamp Thing or Krypton!



Swamp Thing easily.


If you want great sci-fi, Krypton.

If you want a story with horror elements, Swamp Thing.

You win either way, as both shows are very good.


Like Keypton better myself, but most do seem to prefer Swamp Thing.


Krypton is the better show, but you might want to wait for both seasons to be on DCU because the first season cliffhanger is a doozy.


Depends on which way you lean. Sci-fi = Krypton, Horror = Swamp Thing.

Of course I’d suggest the newly remastered Aquaman cartoons over either of Krypton or Swamp Thing.


All 12 hilarious episodes of POWERLESS are now on Tubi. This show is a MUST for anyone who digs the humorous arm of DC. Vext, Ambush Bug, Harley Quinn, Justice League International.

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Don’t know, both were good. But we only watched season 1 of Krypton + 1 episode of season 2. All our time was spent watching Swamp Thing with limited time. Found Swamp Thing to be captivating. Think it was easier to get into Swamp Thing more quickly because we knew somewhat more of the premise, and the special effects seemed bigger in season 1 of Swamp Thing than they were in season 1 of Krypton, so there was more of a reward more quickly. We caught a bit of Krypton during mid-season 1 on Sy Fi and didn’t really understand what was going on. It wasn’t until we could watch it all at once that it seemed good, and we could digest it according to our schedule and binge watch. Probably should watch both shows.