What to Read After Infinte Crisis

Hi, I just finished the Infinite Crisis Omnibus, I’ve read half of Green Lantern vol.4 (2005-) and the Green Lantern Corps (2006-). I’m about to start the 52 series. I would like to read Final Crisis and was wondering what would else would be good to read. Im completely fine with reading a super long reading list if there’s a bunch of series that are good.

Thank you!
My ultimate goal is to read everything that’s good (and/or relevant) up until the current comics.

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Checkmate by Greg Rucka is awesome. That was a direct response to Infinite Crisis, specifically the OMAC miniseries.


Checkmate by Greg Rucka is awesome. That was a direct response to Infinite Crisis, specifically the OMAC miniseries.

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Anytime I hear someone say they want to read everything or even every good comic, I want to laugh. You do realize there’s just a ridiculous amount of content on here, right?

I second Batwing’s recommendation of Checkmate. It was a great series which had stuck around longer or had been revived. It’s basically spy operations to stop super criminals. It’s one of the few titles that examines the logistics and politics of living in a world with super villains. It kind of craps out in the last few issues, but other than that, it’s really quality stuff.

Blue Beetle launched from Infinite Crisis and is generally very well liked. I haven’t read a ton of it myself, but what I did read is good.

Shadowpact launched from Infinite Crisis. It was an excellent supernatural team book which though I wouldn’t describe as light or comedic had those elements to it and was a quality adventure with some B and C list heroes that don’t usually get the spotlight.

Justice League of America launched out of Infinite Crisis, and I believe this was one of the best runs of Justice League. It’s kind of the resolution to the drama started in Identity Crisis and carried through to Infinite Crisis.

The continuation of Aquaman, Batman and Robin series in the One Year Later era were all good though there were some major decisions in Aquaman and Robin that upset fans. I don’t defend those decisions, but I can look past them to see the stories themselves were still good.

That’s all the comes to mind. There are multiple volumes to nearly all these series, so make sure to pick the ones around 2006.


A few highlights:

-Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis
-Blue Beetle
-OMAC (2006-2007) #'s 1-8
-Wonder Woman (2006-2011) #'s 1-4 and Annual #1


I don’t recall liking Wonder Woman One Year Later.

Read 52