What Time During Cyborg's Life is This?

Hmm last episode (13) got me thinking… what time period is this in Vic’s life? From a few previous episodes we get the hints that he’s already met with the Justice League…but would the current season of Doom Patrol be prior to the Justice League movie? Or is this sort of as if the movie neer happened? In the show he’s just sort of coming to gripes with his abilities and enhancements…and I want to say it’s been stated that his accident was about a year prior? What say you all? Where does this fit in the time line here?

This series does not take place in the same universe as Justice League and the other DCEU films.

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The Justice League being name dropped in Doom Patrol (as well as Superman and Batman, both of which have been mentioned) is unique to Doom Patrol’s show.

That said, Cyborg has to have had some encounter with the League of Doom Patrol’s reality for everyone to be going ‘Whoa Cyborg!’
But it looks like he’s still waiting for membership.

I hope he decides that the Doom Patrol is the better gig.

^^ or better yet, joins the Titans

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