What time does Titans drop?

So I know Titans drops on the 12th for everyone but does it drop Thursday at midnight EST like Hulu originals or at 3am EST like Netflix originals. I’d like to know so I can record my episode reviews and post them on my YouTube channel asap.


Good question!

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DC Daily seems to be PST, so Titans may be similar. So, like Netflix, if it launches at midnight on 12tg on the west coast, that would be 3am for the east.

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I really wouldn’t expect it to be at midnight. They want it to be a Friday night thing. It will probably be up at like 7 PM on Friday night.

But would that be 7pm EST or PST?

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Actually if it’s 12 on the west coast then it’s 4 on the east coast.

How? Theres only a 3 hour difference between coasts

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I thought the Titans shows was an exclusive on this app. But Netflix is advertising it for there service.

It’s only going to be on Netflix outside the US. Netflix is usually more expensive overseas and they don’t get the shows we get on television a lot of the time. So they end up waiting a lot longer than us. In this case, Netflix picked it up and calls it a “Netflix original” similar to how Black Lightning was as well. Also Netflix puts up episodes the day after they release.

I would assume PST because WB is based in CA.

It’s on this app