What things in YJ are you most exicted for?

Personally, I would love to see more on Halo’s backstory. I’ve seen so many things, like her being a New God or her body housing a Motherbox. To see something confirmed would be amazing. Also, to see more on Tara would be great too. If she truly went evil or she was brainwashed, her powers, etc. The Spiderman (Jason?) character is worth exploring too. This is more of a minor thing, but I would love to see how the writers explain Barbara’s paralyzation. Will they stick to the Killing Joke story? Or something else?

What about you guys? I needed to get all this out in the open.

I forgot to say ships too. I’m curious to see who will get together and what kind of chemistry will happen.
And more on Wally, obviously.

I would like to see more of Tim and Donna. They are an amazing couple

Black Spider is not Jason. It’s a separate character. Both of them are African American.

As for what I’m excited for, there’s so much!!

–More Milestone characters (Especially Icon and Hardware)

–More New Gods

–Seeing the Outsiders fully formed

–Shazam and Black Adam, possibly more of the Shazam family

–Constantine making an appearance

–Batwoman and Flamebird

New Genesis
Talia & the League of Shadows
The Outsiders taking form
Foragers journey on Earth (in New Gods comics he’s considered a Judas for warning Earth of an invasion from Apokolips) I wanna see if they play it the same.
Another comic related relationship I’d like to see, is Katana being a mother figure to Halo & helping her adjust to life after her tar rebirth. Halo is basically transformed into a 15yr old teeny bopper in Batman & the Outsiders mentally speaking. Her & Katanas relationship (in transforming her from innocent/ naive teen into a strong, stand alone female) was both humorous & inspiring.
Nightwing & Oracles relationship, & the background direction they decide to go with how Batgirl becomes Oracle will be fun. Will they take the Killing Joke route? Or take it another direction.
Speaking of all aforementioned options. The creators said this will be the most adult version of YJ yet. That excites me when you’re involving all these things . Especially New Genesis, Apokolips, & The League of Shadows.