What the heck happened with Lex Luthor? (Spoilers, potentially, for multiple series)

So, I’m just starting to catch up on my backlog of comics. Last I read Lex was good, he was on the Justice League… And I don’t know if I missed something or forgot but first, he suicided, then he came back as some powerful… Thing in the most recent Action Comics issues?

My question is…Where can I read about where he went from good guy to suiciding for Year of the Villain? It didn’t take place in Action Comics, it looks like. Was it in Superman? Justice League?

Any help would be appreciated, so thank you in advance!

I believe he goes back to his old ways in Justice League: No Justice.

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What the heck? I read that, too. Did I miss it? I guess I was pretty tired when I read it…I might have to reread it. Do you remember why he did?

I believe it has something to do with the concept of entropy and how his time as a hero has ultimately been pointless.

Cool! Well, thank you so much for your help!

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Any time!

I think it starts on apokolips when he thinks Superman betrayed him.