What the DCEU Darkseid Could Have Looked Like

New art imagines what Darkseid would’ve looked liked in the DCEU. Tipped to be the overall big bad in Zack Snyder’s five-film narrative, Darkseid was supposed to make his formal entry into the superhero franchise in Justice League 2. However, after Snyder had to suddenly exit the project due to a personal tragedy and was replaced by Joss Whedon who manned the extensive reshoots, as well as its post-production, a more explicit tease of Darkseid’s arrival was ultimately dropped from Justice League’s theatrical cut.
Right now, no plans for Justice League 2 have been announced, as Warner Bros. continues to focus more on standalone DC films and kicking off a brand new superhero label that may be called either DC Dark or Black. That means that even the subtle set-up for Darkseid’s arrival on Earth in Justice League will likely end up going nowhere. Instead, the character may make his official DCEU debut in Ava DuVernay’s now-developing New Gods movie. But while everyone waits for that, a brand new illustration attempts to provide fans with a look at what Darkseid could’ve been like, had Snyder been given the opportunity to introduce him on the big screen
Coming from digital artist datrinti at Instagram is a brand new Darkseid render, based on previously-released Blu-ray concept art from Justice League, as well as recently revealed mural from the Shrine of the Amazons that featured the character’s figure. Fans in the comments section are digging the illustration and some of them even requesting a variant where the villain is sporting a different armor. Check out the fan art, below:
This new take on the character (based on what’s known about his physical attributes) is slightly different from a previously released mock-up of Darkseid in the DCEU. While the former takes on a more ancient aesthetic thanks to his ornate suit and clunky footwear, the latter looked more modern with red piping details all over his armor and sleeker boots. Build-wise, the latest artwork imagines Darkseid to be quite jacked, compared to his predecessor. Nevertheless, both illustrations feature similar facial features for the villain.



Many want to see Snyder’s vision so bad - including myself. Fingers are crossed the real Justice League (Snyder’s vision) will be a DC Black label’s opening premiere.

What a way to kick that off right?!?

It would be incredible!

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I want to see the Snydercut so bad. I mean, the movie we got was great, I know not a very good reception overall, but I liked it a lot.

The Whedon parts felt like a different movie at times and I hope the original Snydercut will be better. I want to see the second Knightmare and the Darkseid teaser!

DC & Warner Bros. should let us have it!

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Knightmare is/was my favorite scene!

I know, only what just a few minutes of film, but what an epic scene.