What story would you adapt into a fan film

Warner Brothers decides to put you in charge of making a short fan film based on DC story. They give you a crew, and a modest budget.

What story do you adapt?

There is a backup story in Batman: Gotham Knights #1 I think it’s by Warren Ellis. It finds Batman solving a woman’s murder flashing back to his younger self training as he utilizes each of his skill sets.

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I think a modest budget could pull off Batman #423. A trio of police officers all claim to have seen Batman that night, but they witnessed different sides of his personality. Batman talks a man from jumping off a bridge, stops some criminals from holding up a restaurant, and sheds a tear as he arranges for two homeless orphans to stay with Bruce Wayne. Stories like this one have been told in animation, but they tend to depict drastically different versions of Batman, while the comic instead takes a low-key approach and focuses on different facets of the same character. It’s ideal for a short film.


All star superman

Batman: Zero Year

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For a short film? Shazam: Power of Hope

For a full-length feature with an unlimited budget? Justice by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger

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Red son, or Injustice

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My buddy and I have been working on a Batman/Sherlock Holmes crossover. Almost have a completed script, just a couple scenes left. If we ever get the time, we’d like to crowd fund to make it. We’ll see.

I’d like to do a short film, an original story with the Justice League vs. Darkseid, but that’s more unrealistic due to budget, etc.

I also think it would be fun -and very realistic to pull off, to do a short film of the Bane vs. Batman fight in Knightfall. try to capture specific panels on screen and fill in between with good action.

Robin origin film. But honestly everyone else has some killer ideas here.

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Before I answer, what would constitute a modest budget?

Dark knights metal. Cuz batmen.

The origin of Nabu and how he got stuck in that helmet.

Thought it over, and I would choose to adapt DC Comics Presents #81.

It’s self-contained, hilarious and could be done on a modest budget.


If we’re talking a full-length film, I think an animated Injustice movie would be great. I don’t know about short film, though.