What started you reading comics?

What started you on comics (or superheroes in general)? Also, what started you on your favorite character if it is different than what started you on comics in general?


IAs I recently stated in a thread (DC or/and Marvel), my parents would often take me to antique stores and bookstores when I was young. One time they bribed me by saying I could get any one of the comic books that were on sale. I got Spectacular Spider-man 157 (for those that read the other post not THAT lazy). I was hooked, Sunday and Saturday cartoons, toys, video games, and some superhero themed birthday parties. Fast forward, I’m older, less mature, and I finally get around to seeing BTAS. I’d played the LEGO Batman game (remember what I said about maturity?) and BTAS made Bats my favorite character for all time. I watched The Dark Knight and '89 the same year. If I ever lose interest in Bats they’ll need to lock me in Arkham (cell 0802 right beside the worst of them).


My passion began with the Batman action figure by Toy Biz.

It continued via Tim Burton’s Batman and the Adam West Batman TV series.

It substantially continued via the Untold Legend of The Batman comic book mini-series.

My passion endures to this day.


I had some Spider-Man Team Up comics as a kid, so I was probably predisposed ( I remember scribbling all over the cover of one with Black Widow). And I was huge into Superfriends.

One year my dad got a Superman and a Batman comic as a gag gift and I ended up with them (still have them, too). I liked them so much my mom took me to the local comic shop and the rest is history. Somehow I knew that Super Friends in the comics was called Justice League of America, so that’s the first comic I looked for. The trip coincided with the launch of JL Detroit, so the first comic that started me on my forever hobby was one with Vibe on the cover.

Also I had entered a breakfast cereal contest years before to create the next Super-Friend (from what I remember, anyway) and I came up with Fire-Man. So another early favorite was Firestorm because I figured they stole him from me.

The earliest comic I remember reading was an old All-Star Squadron (or maybe it was the comics that came with he-man toys). But I don’t know what truly got me started. The Batman movie was what started me on the path to becoming a collector and hardcore fan. But as far back as I can remember comics have always been a part of my life. I don’t even know what life would be like without comics.


In highschool I thought the idea of being a comic nerd was cool lmao (and I was so right!) I thought Harley Quinn seemed really cool, and of course I loved the Nolan Batman movies, so I tried walking into a comic shop and picking up the coolest looking comic on the shelf. It was a Batman comic (with a variant cover of Harley hugging a Batman body pillow with lipstick all over it, while the shadow of the joker loomed over her) that (as I now know) took place in the middle of Joker’s endgame. I had no idea what was going on lmao. But I didnt give up! I got a couple trade paperbacks of the ongoing suicide squad and Harley Quinn books (this was during New 52), but they didn’t much tickle my fancy. But then I saw the cover art for Gotham Academy issue 8 on DC’s website, and I read the synopsis and thought it seemed so fun! Little did I know how much of my life would be dedicated to tracking down every book, and every variant cover of Gotham Academy for years to come! It’s still my favorite series, and comic books are one of my favorite things in the world now :slight_smile:

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I grew up watching alot of super hero movies. Like superman, batman, spiderman. Things like that, my mother would buy me them. Then I was like hmmm, I wonder how the comics were like, and that’s when I started reading them.

Injustice. The game was awesome and I just can’t get enough of the story so I went for the comics

My introduction was definitely the animated shows, back in the day. I remember having the times when Justice League would air carefully marked, so I could catch every episode.

As I got older, I fell more into the comics as well. It was so cool to see characters I knew from these big teams have their own stories devoted to just them.

Tim Burton’s Batman movies

I think I learned to read with comic books.

The first comic book.I remember was Road Runner, who had a family, a wife and two kids. The wife had a necklace around her, so we knew she was female. And of couse the Coyote. They talked rather than said Beep Beep

Then there was the TV series, The Adventures of Superman, with George Reeves. I liked how he played Clark Kent. He wore glasses like me, but he acted liked a real man, a role model, not a clumsy fool like in the comics I later read. And he often smiled at the audience, as he shared his secret with us.

I always loved dinosaurs.

Dell/Gold Key had Turok Son of Stone, my namesake. He was qn American Indian living out West in the 19th Century. He and his friend Andar got lost in a hidden valley, full of dinosaurs.

The first DC comic I read was Detective Comics 255 in 1958 with a dinosaur on the cover. I dont have the comic but i have the story in a Batman 80 page giant reprint. It is a mystery and Batman could have been any detective. He didn’t need to be Batman.

Then the last issue of Brave and Bold that had Justice League of America. What colorful costumes. Flash and Green Lantern really impressed me.

Which lead to all things DC

Then the Fantastic Four and Amazing Spider-Man. And all things Marvel

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