What Should I Do for Halloween?

  • Max Fleischer-style Superman (think that one scene in Superman and Lois)
  • Green Lantern
  • Booster Gold

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Pros and cons of each
pros: everyone will know who I am, I wear glasses so there are many opportunities for Little Bits, and it would be pretty easy to put together.
cons: it’s a little basic, even if the Fleischer-inspired look would make it more unique
Green Lantern
Pros: I could make an LED ring, I look really good in green, my brother thinks I should be Green Lantern
Cons: I do not know how to make an LED ring, the costumes lacks super underwear so I can’t get away with making it 2 pieces, less people will know who I am
Booster Gold
Pros: I could so many bits you guys, the bit potential is endless. I could make business cards and hand them out if anyone asks who I’m supposed to be.
Cons: No one will know who I am beside the guys at the comic store, I haven’t really read any Booster Gold comics so I feel like I’d be a poser


I mean, that’s Booster Gold in a nutshell.


Fair point


Tie between Booster and Supes for me, probably my bias of not being a big GL fan. Granted, yes everyone KNOWS who Superman is and may lack originality. But ask yourself this, do you want to keep telling people who you are when they ask if you go as Booster Gold? Granted, that can sometimes get annoyingly tiresome quick, lol.


Thrilled to announce a decision has been made: I’m going as Booster Gold, and I’m turning it into an art project. I think BG gives me more freedom to put my own twist on the look since he’s not burned into the pop cultural zeitgeist like Supes is. Anyway, I’m going to be glam rock disco Booster Gold and it’ll either be a disaster of the best thing I’ve ever done. Stay tuned.


hell yeah- show us the finished look when you’re done