What should be added next?

I think the kind fellows over at DC should add Batman: The White Knight next. What do you think they should add?

The Batman movies, Krypton t.v. show,
Random new issues from the previous month. Like the idea of an entire arc being put up i.e. under the red hood. I would like to see 52 on here or futures end. Maybe a crisis or two.

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I would like to see more of the 1960 comics like Jimmy Olson.


I would also like to see the Keaton film, the entire Red Hood and The Outlaws Rebirth, and Batman: The White Knight.

I would like to see “The Batman” animated series, not to be confused with BTAS. It won 6 daytime Emmys and Adam West voices Marion Grange, the Mayor of Gotham city. I loved the depiction of Catwoman voiced by Gina Gershon, maybe my favorite animated depiction of Catwoman ever. The Jokers depiction was also great and the competition between Batgirl and Robin as sidekicks is fun to watch. It gets forgotten because it had the misfortune of being the middle child between BTAS and Batman:The Brave and the Bold. I absolutely love BTAS and Brave and Bold btw but I’d love to see The Batman on here with them.