what’s your favorite version of Harley Quinn?

what is your favorite version of Harley Quinn?

The DCAU version, followed by her modern era comic iteration.

To clarify, since Harley has only been in comics during the modern era, I meant her comic appearances from New 52 forward (and her appearances from Dini’s run on Detective Comics).

She was funny in BTAS, and kind of added to the twistedness of the Arkhamverse, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that she’s never been interesting in the comics. I hate to diss a character created by my favorite DC writer, but… I’m not a fan.

I think her best appearances have been in the DC Animated movies. (Escape from Arkham, SS:Hell to Pay, & Batman and Harley Quinn.

Harley’s humor and fun (if twisted) nature make for better hearing than they do reading. Even if (as some people say they “hear” certain voices when reading certain characters) getting the pace, tempo and delivery of the words is not a skill most people have. So having an actress reading the lines is likely more impactful.

My favorite has been the Injustice 2 Harley. Loved her characterization, her voice. Everything worked. I wish we could get more of that Harley.

Classic. Original in animated series and pre-New 52. I rarely like modern Harley.

The Harley dept New-52 onward.

Animated series, the O.G.
My favorite female Batman villain, even over Cat and Poison. I love Margot Robbie and I like the Suicide Squad movie way more than a lot of people, but I’m completely done with the red and blue pigtails look and even more done with her being too much of an anti-hero/hero. She’s killed way too many men, women, and children to be turned into the hot topic gift card holding hero for emo girls she comes off as now.

I have to save the Arkham series. I don’t mind any of the other one but if I had to choose it would choose that one. Mainly because it really like those games.

Classic and Injustice
I will forever gush about all of the spot on characterizations in Injustice.


Honestly I liked the heroes and crisis version of her I see that is a separate version because we got to really see how it damaged the joker did there and how she’s moving on with poison ivy and I love how that story ends

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Classic one like from the Batman: Hush comic.

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Injustice, definitely. I love the redemption while still keeping the personality.

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I like the one in JL Action.

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I throw my hat into the DCAU pile. Her appearances in BTAS were phenomenal. Specifically the episode “Mad Love” is a work of art.


It’s cliche at this point, but the DCAU version is the best. Best characterization, best costume, best stories. Honestly, outside of a few episodes of B:TAS, no one other than Dini has written a good Harley Quinn story. Tom Taylor is the closest anyone else has come, but its still not quite there.


The HQ rebirth and Suicide Squad versions, also the version of her in Batman and Harley Quinn animated movie.

The earlier DCAU stuff, especially BTAS, she has more of a caricature quality. It fits BTAS well, but that’s because so many of the characters were caricatures.


B:TAS for sure and the DCAU for sure.


The New 52/Rebirth one done by Amanda Conner and jimmy Palmiotti, their take on Harley Quinn is what made me a fan of her.