what’s your favorite super pet?!

Bat Cow


I’m not sure if he counts but if you’ve been reading Justice league lately Jarro has been pretty fun.


What about Proty, and the Legion of Super Pets? And if Dexx counts as a pet, then I pick G’Nort

Protty II

I’m with staroflyra, BAT COW!

The BLOODY slaughterhouse fight sceen with Bruce and Damien, verses Pyg’s minions that introduced the super pet is a glorious scene.

Damian says “I’m definatley a vegetarian now, and also, THIS is Bat-Cow!”

And it’s some high quality Morrison surreal. Everything in the story is so DARK, but then there’s this cow…with a bat symbol on it…just wandering around the cave. (Batcow was injected with Pyg’s virus, and was needed to engineer the anti-virus).

And now, (because Damien loved it) on the grounds of Wayne manor chewing grass, is this cow, with natural bat-symbol on it…BATCOW!

I do have to give an runner up to Goliath!

Damien’s crazy Bat/Gorilla/Bull genetic experimentation beast of war (a present from his grandfather)

Trained to obey a whistle around Robin’s neck. He rides the back of the creature like some demonic falcor.

It eats whole cows, which is why Damien Keeps Goliath in a mountain cave and NOT the manor. (And also Alfred would freak)

Barbara Gordon

Bat cow