What’s Your Favorite Story With Each Batman Villain?

Just curious.

The Joker - The Laughing Fish
Penguin - He Who Laughs Last
Two-Face - Eye of The Beholder
Scarecrow - Fear of Faith
Riddler - A New Dawn
Mad Hatter - Tea Time
Bane - Vengeance of Bane
Clayface - Captive Audience
Killer Croc - Breaking The Skin
Killer Moth - Batgirl: Year One

Those are just the ones I can answer without a second thought. I may edit this list when I come to more decisions, what about you folks?

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Joker: Batman Arkham City

Two Face: The Dark Knight

Clayface: all of Tynion’s Detective Comics run

Bane: Knightfall

Deathstroke: Deathstroke vs Batman (or is it Batman vs Deathstroke? Either way it’s awesome)

There’s others, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

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