What’s your favorite live action movie batmobile and why

  • 66 batmobile
  • 89/92 batmobile
  • Batman Forever batmobile
  • Batman and Robin batmobile
  • TDN Trilogy batmobile
  • BvS batmobile
  • The Batman batmobile

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The DNT batmobile and bvs batmobile don’t even look like batmobiles I don’t even need to talk about the Batman forever and Batman and robin ones the 89 one looks cool but kind a looks like a oversized toy And 66 batmobile is cool but the 2021 batmobile is just my personal favorite.


The Pattmobile isn’t even all that batty. The Burtmobile is cool, distinctive, has clear batlike design elements, and isn’t an ugly tank thingy.


Personally, I feel like I haven’t seen enough of the 2021 Batmobile to give it a reasonable judgement. Right now, we only know what it looks like from three angles. No idea what it’s got in terms of gadgets or other Bat-isms.

So, looking at the other cars, I’ve gotta go with the ‘66 Batmobile. It’s a car that really had it all. I mean, the ‘89 Batmobile is a cool and iconic car, but I wouldn’t say that it’s as iconic as the ‘66, and every Batmobile after ‘89 really didn’t feel like an original design. It seemed more as though the car designers were trying to ape off of the ‘89 look, just with a handful of adjustments.


I love how discordant the 66mobile is, especially the color scheme. Batman’s blue and gray, so his car’s black and red!

BUT the 89mobile is my OTP. It looks so aggressive, but still beautiful.


Gotta love the way the '89 one looked like a prowling panther, stalking its prey.

Second place for me goes to '66.


Absolutely the Batman Forever Batmobile, as it literally looks like a wild comic concept brought to vivid life.

Joel Schumacher’s whole approach to the movie was to make a living comic book, and the Forever design definitely has a comic feel to it. Per Schumacher and Production Designer Barbara Ling, it was inspired by (and also serves as a tribute of sorts to) the Golden Age Batmobile that featured a large, roof-based batfin.


BVS has the best Batmobile. It reminded me of the one in Arkham Knight.