What’s your favorite hero villain rivalry?

I love the Batman and joker rivalry of course but black Adam and Shazam is really good to.


Batman & Bane, Flash & Eobard Thawne. I really love the relationship between Flash and the Rogues as well.

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Wally West Flash and Abra Kadabra.


Captain Picard- Q
Optimus Prime - Megatron
Batman - The Penguin
Captain Janeway -Borg Queen
Superman - Metallo
Spider-man- Green Goblin
Stargirl - Shiv
The Incredible Hulk - The Leader


I always liked the rivalry between The Shade and the Ludlow family.


Green Lantern and Obsidian.

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Superman - Darkseid

Starfire - Blackfire

x-men - Apocalypse

Spider-man - Carnage

Ninja turtles - Shredder

Batman - Ra’s Al Ghul

Swamp Thing - Arcane / Rot

Green Arrow - Merlyn

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Favorite all-time hero/villain rivalry has to be Spider-Man and The Green Goblin.

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Batman- Joker
Superman- Luthor
Wonder Woman- Cheetah
Capt. Marvel- Black Adam
Nightwing- Blockbuster
Power Girl- Ultra-Humanite
Zatanna- Alura

For rivals, I would say

Green Lantern (Hal) and Sinestro
Aquaman and Ocean Master

In many ways each wants the same thing, but use very different tactics.

Martian Manhunter / Kanto