What’s Your Comic Book Habit of Reading and Collecting?

I used to only buy TPB to maximize my reading and catch up, so i have a lot of them. I have a lot of single issues from when I was a kid, so now I collect single issues that either a) has a cool cover and/or b) complete a limited story arc.

Just curious what you do especially since we have the infinity service. Like do I want to wait for Future State now or wait for the digital? The covers are hot. My brother said he had to complete his collection and doesn’t recommend it bc :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

So anyway, do you buy physical ones even if you can read it here?


I personally buy physical ones. There’s just something about them that reads better then just on a screen. I have a lot of Batman material so I hope that eventually I will Omnibutize some of them so they are collected in a nice hardcover sized format. Here is what it looks like now.


I’ve been all digital for about ten years. Occasionally will pick up a collection of something if I really want a hard copy but that is rare. I’ve got this service plus Marvel Unlimited and ComiXology Unlimited, and I pick up new releases, sales etc - all in all WAY more stuff than i have time to read. Truly a plethora of riches. 8 year old me would never believe it.


I prefer floppies and TPB over digital because I tend to find them easier for me to read.
I REALLY love having a full run of a short series in the original issues (like Tom King’s Adam Strange, for example).

I also love love love corny stuff from the bronze age, so I tend to pick up a lot of random issues here and there. Never a complete run, but if I like the story, I’ll pick up the whole arch.


I’m a digital dude now but I do buy some old comics that aren’t on here. For example, I bought this recently.


I agree that paper is easier to read. Sometimes looking at a screen for too long hurts my eyes.


I read stories digitally first and then will buy them in physical form if I really liked them. Being able to hold the stories in my hands helps me feel closer to them, and I don’t count on always being able to access stuff digitally. Since collecting can get expensive, I place top priority on buying favorite stories or ones part of a collection I already have going.


I can’t walk far beyound my apartment and can’t see very well

So buying physical copy is out for me.

I get comics digitally from Comixology each week.

I now only buy DC, with the exceptions of Fantastic Four, Daredevil and anything by Mark Russell like Red Sonja

I am in some ways glad that DC reduced its regular title output, because most issues were terrible, in relation to the great eras of early Rebirth and the Bronze Age.

I am very behind. Have read only a little Death Metal and no Future State.

My tablet died on me.

My phone screen is too small. I usually watch an issue by page and only occasionally do the panels. Going constantly from Portrait to Landscape is very inconvenient so I get the idea of the story but not its true flavor.

I bought a laptop recentlyband use it mostly for WALs.
I can’t read the words on the menus too well with my vision and it’s too big and heavy to hold close up.


I agree that having a copy in your hand is useful for some of the spreads. I look at the digital copy sometimes and I know I’d have to get the physical copy to enjoy the full spread. Especially how DC does some of their spreads.


Make the trek to the comic shop every week or two for DC and and a few titles from the smaller companies. Haven’t read Marvel in a couple of years, I like them but love DC. Have some hardcovers too. But, for me nothing beats walking around with 20 or 30 comics wherever I am on my IPad.


For the last couple of years I have gone mostly digital. The exception being if there is a variant cover by an artist I like I will pick up a physical copy.


I get decision paralysis over variant covers sometimes… they are tempting.


Agree and I have controlled myself and not bought all the ones I like. I do have a rather large folder on my pc of saved variant cover pictures, so at least I can enjoy without paying for everyone.

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I’ve been using digital for a few years now, mainly due to space. When I was living with my family, I had a small corner of the living room and a lot of that was filled with my comic boxes, trades and custom comic bindings. I moved out a few years ago and suddenly had all this space, but now I have to be careful with not only what I buy but where I’m gonna put it.If there is a comic I really want physically (like the Earth One books) I have to really justify buying it and where I’m gonna put it when I’m done.

Digital helps in that I can buy all the comics I want and I don’t have to worry if I have room in my long boxes or not.


I got into comics because of Marvel Unlimited and happily subscribed here when it launched as DCU. I was buying a few series on ComiXology for a while to keep up, but the expense caught up to me.

As far as collecting physical copies I’m just not into it. First I live in a small apartment and just don’t have room. Also I just like reading the continuing stories, I don’t really care to collect.


I’ve recently begun keeping a record of the comics that I’ve read for the 2021 reading challenge. I guess I’m “collecting” experiences and recording them in my Reading Challenge Google Doc. I’ve also just posted a mini review on a couple of the comics I’ve read, I guess that helps with the records of my experience, lol…


Is that a reading challenge here on DCUI? Or are you doing it on another website? I write in a book journal of what I read… I would otherwise forget!

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Here’s the reading challenge. I’m currently trying to make reading comics more memorable and fun for myself, so I’m trying different things to really make my experiences count. I currently am doing a thing where I occasionally record some notes on the comics I read so that by the end of the month I can have a summary that has some information on comic related stuff I did over the month, as well as two personal reviews on select stories. I’m currently trying to really expand this experience, so I’m still experimenting.


Here is a quick flip through of my book journal for the Batgirl 52 series. I printed the covers onto sticker pages and wrote a summary or what I liked about the story… Or disliked. I have fancier spreads but I wrote as I read to keep up! Still haven’t finished.


ooh nice! :grinning: :+1: I wish I was that neat lol