what’s up with Nora on the flash

So I jus watched episode 100 of the flash and scene before the crossover intro has me so confused and curious… like what the hell is she doing chatting with the reverse flash 1 and 2 the whole time line they laid out in the arrowverse has me baffled

In the pilot of the flash the reverse flash shows an article stating that the flash will banish in 2024 and in the first episode of season five Nora West Allen shows an article stating that the flash is still missing 25 years later so that makes the year 2049 which is when Nora goes to talk to the reverse flash by in season two of legends of tomorrow Fire storm find message from the flash in 2059 warning about the speed god savatar… so between 2049 and 2059 does the flash come back or was that message from the timeline where the reverse flash doesn’t get stuck in the past…
I need theories and thoughts because this has me questioning shit for years now

Savitar said ‘nothing is written’, and now we know the timeline is confirmed to be ‘malleable’ … capable of being shaped or influenced without being destroyed … maybe that final scene Reverse Flash from 2049 is Nora’s only hope for preventing Barry’s disappearance in 2024 without causing a second Flashpoint

the conundrum is bearded-Barry returning from the Speed Force in 2017, writing characters in a ‘time language’ invented by his future daughter Nora in the 2040s, which she uses in 2018 to secretly communicate with Thawne in 2049 …

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