What’s the one thing DC needs to improve

Creating original content. No, The New Age of Heroes doesn’t count. Rip-off’s, enjoyable or not, aren’t original.

Create a DC Daily Talk type show, but the cast is comprised of comic book creators and scholars, who are incredibly well researched and that take deep spoilery dives into the content and talk in-depth about their interpretations and the thought promoted by the book.

(This is not in anyway a criticism of DC Daily; I watch it daily and enjoy it. But sometimes I wish they had a show that wasn’t primarily an advertisement and that was more of a deep dive for the big nerds like me.)


Bring the community software out of the '90s and give us a reasonably modern and functional place to interact.

Aside from that, they have been correcting most of the issues that I have had.


I second @LonelyLobo’s sentiment. In all honesty, I probably agree with a bunch of other people too, but i would have to click the “view more replies” button to many times to confirm that (hammering the point home, here).
But it doesn’t just stop at the community and forum side of things. I really think the layout and workflow of the entire app needs to be overhauled. From getting to the next issue in line of the comic series you’re reading, to being able to quickly and easily identify where the shows you want to watch are. Also making it easier and more visible about when the next episode of a series is airing (YJ:O comes back in June, everyone…). All of it really needs a thorough redesign and implementation, quite honestly.

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Include thread discussions so we can reply to certain comments! :slight_smile: