What’s the Best DC Animated Show Ever?

This is really difficult. For me it’s a toss up between Young Justice, Batman Beyond, and Batman Animated Series. Another question, which was better, Batman Beyond or Batman Animated Series?


I actually really liked The Batman…

I never got into Batman Beyond, so for question 2, I’d pick BTAS.

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Teen titans go

I really enjoy Young Justice, and B:TAS. However I have to go with Green Lantern The Animated Series.
GL is my favorite so I have to go with him.

For an individual hero? BTAS. For the overall DCU, Justice League/ JLU

Green Lantern TAS

Batman animate series

Max Fleischer Superman cartoons (1940s)

It wins out as #1 not only because of how amazing and ground breaking it was/is but also because it’s the biggest influence for the creation of Batman the Animated Series. Stylistically BTAS wouldn’t exist without the Fleischer Superman cartoons.

Batman the animated series.

Young justice can be confusing at times, but overall is captivating to watch

Young Justice was good true, but I loved seeing the dozens of DC heroes on Justice League Unlimited. Vigilante rules!

  1. Justice League / Justice League Unlimited

  2. Batman animated series

Batman the Animated Series honestly there’s nothing can come close to that but maybe that’s just my nostalgia but I just can’t see superhero cartoon that comes even close to how groundbreaking how timeless the animation everything with Batman the Animated Series

Young Justice hands down, sure there are classics out there. But this is not to old and very relevant still current. Hence the continuation


What’s you’re favorite show and what’s you’re favorite episode from that show. My favorite show is BTAS amd my favorite episode is “Almost got I’m”. Second favorite would be shadow of the bat part 1 and 2.


Right now, Superman: The Animated Series. “Apokilips…Now!” has been my favorite episode since it first aired.



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@vroom that episode is great! Is a two part? I haven’t seen it in a while. What episode is it where darkseid takes control of clark and he try’s to take over earth?

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@LEXC0RP “Apokolips…Now!” is a two-part episode as is “Legacy”, the series finale that begins with Kal under Darkseid’s thrall.