what’s something you finally read because it was available on DC Universe

now that we have access to soooooo many comics we really don’t have to pick and chose which trades we pick up. so what’s something you’ve dismissed before, but read on DC Universe and it absolutely made you a fan or blew you away.


For me it was identity crisis. I was blown away by the story and it has become one of my favorite, This is one that’ll definitely go on my “recommend to others” list.


Power Girl. I’m a big a fan of her now.


The Flintstones.

When that book came out, my friends that worked at my last comic store tried and tried to sell me on it, but to no avail.

Reading it here was a joy and one if my favorite Book Club experiences.


Correction: one *of

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Lex Luthor: an Unauthorized Biography


I’ll also toss DC Comics Bombshells into the mix.

I bought the first print single issue when it came out, but never went further with the series until last week’s Pride Book Club highlighted the series. A very entertaining read.

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The entire Superman Blue/Red run. Was a fun read. Not my favorite, but fun nonetheless :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pretty much everything I’ve read so far. Without the subscription, reading everything I was interested in was too expensive, and so I was kind of paralyzed with indecision.

That said, one in particular I might not have thought to check out if I were buying things independently is Birds of Prey, and that’s now my favorite DC series.

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I echo Vroom, Flintstones loved it, would have never bought it.


Any Superman at all

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The early Mystery in Space stuff.

Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. I’d always wanted to give it a try but was unable to due to money issues. I really enjoyed the book a lot.

I’ve loved reading The New Frontier (and also watching the film!)

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I am reading Batgirl (2016).

L.E.G.I.O.N and R.E.B.E.L.S , Vril Dox is awesome!

The new super-man series


Batman: The Cult. I was unable to find a copy anywhere else as its out of print.

I haven’t read comics since a kid…don’t ask. Saw a thread recommending to start Batman at Batman: Year One, so that’s what I am doing :wink:

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Justice League Dark and Mystery in Space.

I thought JLD would just be another title trying to capitalize on the Justice League name and I didn’t think I would enjoy the magical realm that much considering the high possibilities of deus ex machina occurrences but I gave it a chance because it was one of the first collections on here and had a number of characters that I enjoyed through various animated series and I actually quite enjoyed the characterizations and the art. Plan to read more… eventually.

Mystery in Space was another one of the early books on here. I decided to read it because again it had a character I recognized from different television shows that I find entertaining and I wanted to try to read some golden age comics and wow what I surprise. The art looked amazing blown up on my 4k TV and while the stories do feel dated they also came across as very charming and I really enjoyed the premise of the characters and some of their actual characterizations (Alanna) I found very enjoyable and I really like the aesthetic of Adam and some of the worlds he visited.

I would LOVE for this to be an animated series. I feel like the idea is perfect for an episodic or procedural television series.

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