What’s on Deck After Doom Patrol and Star Girl End?

Is it a wait until Titans season 3?

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I could be wrong, but last I heard they have yet to start filming Season 3. COVID stopped everything just as they were about to start filming.

Nothing new because of Covid but Krypton season 2 is coming in August.


I want a dr fate series so bad so make it happen dc universe

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It was supposed to be the DC unscripted series but COVID stopped that

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Any word on the new season of Young Justice? Seems like COVID wouldn’t necessarily stop that…
I’d also be happy with another season of DC All Stars RPG, obviously they’d need to play over ZOOM or something this time.

BTW that new Justice League Dark movie is fantastic!


Applejack said that before Covid the show to come out of DCYou was going to be after Stargirl, then I assume Titans Season 3. But as others have said Covid stopped it all dead, and while obviously they still plan to film Titans Season 3, no word anywhere that I know of of the fate of DCYou or BizarroTV. Got the impression (just my speculation) that they may end up not getting made. Although I hope the DCYou show somehow gets made, I feel so bad for those three.

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I would love to see a series of that critic who appeared on Harley Quinn just talking about random DC content

Same thoughts. I have a terrible feeling that they won’t get made. I really hope they do, but I think they’ll be swept under the rug until everything is fully recovered from the pandemic. Which is not for the foreseeable future. I also feel bad for the creators, I hope they’re doing okay.

At least we have some of the direct-to-video movies…hopefully…Superman: Man of Tomorrow definitely

I’m actually surprised they didn’t keep DC Daily going until they had new content to show, even if it was just weekly, as I’m sure they’re going to see a drop in subscribers once we don’t have have any brand new content on here.

To be fair, we’re in a pandemic. So that’s why any new shows are delayed.

As for the lack of content, we still have season two of Krypton and every week we get new comics. Every week we get something new, be it a show or a comic. There’s always something to come back to see.

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A brotha just waiting for that young justice season 4​:fist:t4:


I hope DCYou is good when it comes out!


Should COVID really be having such an effect on animated shows? Not to take it lightly, but most of the acting can be done in glass booths, or even on-line.

Yes but you have to remember that animation takes time. It’s not just a question of voice recording but also having an animation studio which compromises of a lot of people working for several months to complete a season of animation. Not to mention retakes, ADR recordings and anything that might come up during productions.

It’s not that cut and dry.

Young Justice S3 was animated by a South Korean company, so I’m sure it complicates things when another country’s COVID regulations come into it as well. Not sure if they are going with the same company for S4 or not.