What’s New Funko Pop or Book Anything Actually

What’s brand new that your happy you got and want to spread the nerdy joy both are Jim Lee the flash came with a shirt!


You guys get anything new @Kon-El @moro @BestBeastBoy and @Green.Lantern


Nice pickups! I’ve had my eye on that Superman Pop for a while. I never pull the trigger for some reason.

I have 2 new hardcovers (the latest volumes of Action and Superman by Bendis).

I also have a Batman statue on the way. Should be a day or two before I post a picture :slightly_smiling_face:.


@moro I only got it because it was on sale and the flash pop combo was in my size lol


It’s a neat looking little Supes. What I’ve envisioned is purchasing that one, along with the Jim Lee Wonder Woman, and the Batman with the Hall of Justice. Presto instant eye pleasing Funko Pop DC Trinity display. Shelf space though :joy:

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I’m not really a collectibles guy. I save money for back issues. I’ll let ya know the next time I pull the trigger on one. I’m looking at a few right now.

I did buy this a few weeks ago…