What’s New 4/6: Sean Murphy’s Batman: Curse of the White Knight Begins!

It’s April, and spring brings with it a sense of new beginnings, as optimism continues to creep through in our tumultuous times. Just as last week marked opening day for the 2021 baseball season, this week sees both the start of a major newly added series on DC Universe Infinite (Batman: Curse of the White Knight) and the end of a few more (including Injustice: Year Zero). Let’s take a look at what’s new on DCUI, and the latest fun in the DC Community!




Let us know where you are checking out first in the comments below!


White Knigh 2. Yes. Sounds awesome™:+1:


I did enjoy, White Knight. Sean Murphy is quite the talent, definitely reading this.


I’ve been reading the Milestone books, and really enjoying the revisit. Is there any chance of fast-tracking Blood Syndicate to get it more in line with Icon, Static, and Hardware? The Shadow War crossover is about to happen in the latter 3 books, but Blood Syndicate is several issues behind.

Also, thanks for filling in gaps in runs! DC Comics Presents 70, 71, and 74 are the only issues missing of that title, and the recent addition of the 1987 run of The Spectre skipped over issues 7, 13, and 30.


My picks:

  • Action Comics #661 (more Triangle Era Superman is always welcome)
  • Justice League of America #160

I’m somewhat tempted to check out Breach #1. I remember when that series came out, but I passed on it. Maybe now’s a good time to read it.


I enjoyed the first one it did what I thought was impossible- told a Joker story that felt pretty fresh and new, looking forward to getting cursed.


As I said in the Coming Soon: April thread, I’m very happy that Curse of the White Knight is being added, and that we now have all of the classic JLA/JSA team-ups on here. As for everything else… I can’t wait to see what will be taking Breach’s digitization spot in 11 weeks. * cough *


I was gonna say go for it. Than I read the post above me so maybe I’m wrong? I read (obviously) the 1st issue only, but I plan on sticking with it? My question @Applejack is why was WW 1984 rereleased as a new release today? Or was it an accident that I read it on here about 2-3 weeks ago? Or mods or whoever. I thought this was AJs post but it’s from that really nice community person that just started. Always has an ear for ya’ & a shoulder to lean on.


Oh, don’t listen to me. I’ve never read it, so I have no idea whether Breach is actually good or not. And its quality, whatever it may be, is besides the point. My dismissiveness is based solely on the fact that literally no one was asking for Breach to be digitized*. The digitization team’s time would have been better spent working on one of the many more worthy titles that have yet to be digitized. Or one of the ones that consistently get asked for repeatedly in the Print-to-Digital request thread. Or closing the gaps in one of the many, many series on here that are 1-5 issues shy of being complete. As far as I’m concerned, Breach is nothing more than an 11-week roadblock until we get back to the digitization of the good stuff.

*OK, technically I suppose there is exactly one person in the world who wanted Breach digitized. And he got what he wanted… :sunglasses:


I have no opinion one way or the other on it. I’d rather it be something somebody wanted. I just didn’t mind it for a new series. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten any I’ve requested. I’ve only requested a handful tho. I’ve never heard of Breach don’t make me the poster boy lol. I have 0 opinion besides it was there & I read it & I’ll read it again just like anything they drop on here. I’m not picky I’ll read whatever they throw at me & I’m probably gonna love it? :+1:


I’m happy to see Breach – not because I was waiting for it (I’d completely forgotten it!), but because I’m always happy to see more Marcos Martin art. He’s great.