What’s happened to the latest comic page on the dc website

The latest comic page on the dc website is new but not better (no offense) but we’re does does it say last week and next week plus a chunk of comics from this week are not on there :0_lc_kilowog: :batman_hv_4:

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Hey there @Blueandred, just to make sure I’m understanding everything correctly — are you referring to the actual DCUI landing page itself?

The latest releases page can still be found here.

The problem is that the What’s new page (for Ultra members) is presented by two URLs

One of these URLs points to this week’s new comics and the other points to last week’s comics. But it’s inconsistent which is which.
I think they’re being used internally to stage next week’s lineup and flip it into place all at once, but it’s not completely automatic and sometimes the link on the main landing page points to the wrong one.
I experienced this problem on Tuesday and it resolved itself after logging out of DCUI and logging back in.

Ahhh, gotcha. Super appreciate the elaboration on that, I see what you mean now. I’ll get that passed along to our team — thanks for helping out!

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I was talking about dc.com

You can find the latest comics and graphic novels through dc.com here → Comics | DC. In the top left area hover over comics > latest comics. Hope this helps!

Thanks but did it get updated or something because it’s kinda different a lot of this weeks comics are not on there

I think the issue I mentioned about the two URLs is affecting the “Comics | DC” page.
“NEW THIS WEEK ON DCUI ULTRA” is showing me last week’s new comics, not this week’s.

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This is an issue for me as well. I would go to Comics | DC every Monday and use it as a checklist to know what DC books were coming out IN STORES that week.

Now I don’t have any idea what’s supposed to be on shelves.

Thanks for the flag and welcome back to the community. I’ll write down this pain point so our team can take a look at the website’s content.

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Cheers. Thank you @LastSon0fMars

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