What’s going on with Amazon?

I own every live action theatrical DC film on Amazon and Aquaman isn’t shown to buy on there digitally. I also noticed that all DC films and tv series live action or even animated are unavailable right now. Just wondering if this will be fixed soon or with DC and WB getting streaming services they will no longer allow their content to be purchased on Amazon. I just would really like to keep my collection going and was looking forward to watching Aquaman today.

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That is weird because it was there yesterday on Amazon prime I was thinking about downloading it

Heya @GB316! Because this is outside the DC Universe realm I had to do a bit of digging, but here are some tips I can throw your way. I can’t speak to why it’s not yet available on Amazon, but here are some resources where you can track the availability:

Where You Can Buy:

Additionally, you can follow the announcement news on WB Home Entertainment’s Twitter to get news straight from the source:


I do see some folks are asking the same question in their Aquaman announcement, so I recommend following that thread for further details. Hope this helps!

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Here’s a workaround that works. Go to Movies Anywhere.com and setup an account, you can then link your Amazon movies to your new Movies Anywhere account. It takes about an hour for them to show up. You can also buy the Aquaman movie at Movies now, or any of the other retailer listed. By doing this all of your movies are in one place. Sadly this doesn’t work for TV shows.


I got it on vudu yesterday

Thanks everyone! Yeah I’m pretty OCD so I like having all my movies in 1 place. Heck I used to own all of them on dvd and I spent the money to buy them all again digitally the way physical media is going.

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Yeah all the arrowverse shows not able to buy once they came back from break. Also Reign of the supermen was not available either so had to wait for the physical copy to come out.