What’s everyone reading lately?

I’ve been getting my fill on Green Lantern lately. The power of Will and the power of Hope are some of the strongest in the universe. :smile:


Welcome to the community, I’ve been binge reading Superman comics, I have so far read like 10 Superman series, I use any chance I have to read comics.

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Just finished the new guardians series and wow I dont know what to do anymore

Emperor joker’s been a top notch read tho

Silver Age Superman, Batman and Spider-Man. I need entertainment–not darkness and lectures.


I’ve read pretty much all the best superman stories, currently I’m reading Young animal’s doom patrol.

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Rereading Captain Atom '86. Really underrated series.


Almost done with Aquaman Rebirth. I had only read a few Aquaman issues over the years so this was great to expand my understanding.

Welcome @maqj12! You will definitely find some great reads on here.

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