What’s everyone doing today at DC Universe?

I’m looking through the forums.

Browsing the community. going out in a while to a family cook out but when I come back, I plan on reading something on here or maybe watch some show episodes

Browsing the community too. I’m also reading some comics and planning my trip to the comic book store, I’ve seen some recommendations on DCU that I want to pick up.

Hopefully I can watch another episode or two of Lois & Clark. I’m almost done with season 3.


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About to Download Catwoman when in Rome. Never read it.

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I’m at my family get together and quickly browsing in here. I love the app and the community!

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I’m watching Human Target from s1e1 again. A friend of mine let me borrow it, and aside from the theme song being awesome, I didn’t really care for it. I guess all these years have tweaked my tastes cause I think it’s pretty good now.

Browsing the forums.


Binge-reading random comics and watching young justice and titans.

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Stayed up all night, nothing new, serious insomnia problem. Just been browsing posts gonna get to some comics and get caught up on dc daily. I’m like 4 back cuz I spent 2 full days trying out to figure out how to post my collection.

Catwoman when in Rome is really good imho.

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Checking out the forums before going to bed after downloading some classic Justice League to read for my commute this week.

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Not to get personal but where are u commuting too. Just curious?

Getting ready to finish Robin:Year One, so far it’s been amazing.

Looking for some comics.

Good stuff guys

I’m reading Batman Eternal. So far it’s the best comic I’ve seen here on DC Universe.

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I read Batman eternal all 52 of them in 1 sitting. Not proud of it, but that was a great comic.

I have the whole week off from work since it’s Thanksgiving break at the school. I’m planning to binge watch Teen Titans or Young Justice.

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I posted the final trailer for Aquaman in the film section.

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