What’s a Villain in the Wrong Rogues Gallery

I feel as if there are many villains that would’ve had more staying power if they were in another rogues gallery. Like Toyman for example, sure he’s not totally obscure, but he could’ve potentially been much more iconic in the rogues gallery of Batman or the Teen Titans. Same goes for characters like the Tattooed Man or Doctor Phosphorus. What are some other examples?


Doctor Phosphorus should be firestorm foe.
Maxie Zeus should be a wonder woman foe


Great minds think alike :slightly_smiling_face:

My biggest one is Abra Kadabra should be in Zatanna’s rogues gallery.

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Cyborg. He’s basically a walking talking action figure to the Toyman.

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Don’t tell me you don’t think toyman belongs in superman’s rouge gallery? :open_mouth:

Never :slight_smile:

…but he would fit into Cyborgs rogues gallery as well.

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Or just overall the teen titans(ik cyborg is in the JL in current dc) I mean a toy theme villain fighting teenagers does sound fitting.

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I am waiting for someone to say Court of Owls should be in Nightwing’s rogues instead of Batman’s since he has more connection to them than bats.


No The Court should battle Courtney Whitmore, as owls hate the sun.

Stargirl? That’s be cool ngl

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