What power would you give a DC character?

If you could give any established DC character one superpower (or one extra superpower) what power would you give to who and why?

I would give the Flash or Superman the ability to explain their powers to my satisfaction scientifically. Or Phantasm the ability to make smoke appear because that would be cool.

I’d give Lex a Lazarus pit and call it a day.

Joker being able to teleport will be beautiful… and chaotic

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I’d make Raven silent . I think Titans and the New Teen Titans would be a whole lot better:laughing:

@SuperDoodle I love that answer! Joker teleporting around, maybe meeting Snapper Carr (again), Ambush Bug, and sideways, committing random crimes!

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Condiment King should have super strength, of course!

Give Damian the ability to not be obnoxious.

that would completely break his character


Can’t break what already doesn’t work.